Month: <span>April 2020</span>

MJ FLAWS – Army Of The Brokenhearted Boys & Girls

MJ FLAWS – Army Of The Brokenhearted Boys & Girls – Album Review MJ FLAWS has got more than a few things he wants to get off his chest, outta his mind, and away from his heart throughout the songs on his debut record.  In fact, there’s SO MUCH he’s looking to express & put […]Read More

Covid Relief 2020 @ SBS!

Welcome to Covid Relief 2020 from sleepingbagstudios! Now officially extended – we’re taking submissions on this special event until the end of May! Let’s spread a bit of love in what ways we can at this bizarre time we’re livin’ in! Three ways to be exact – and every one of them is free to […]Read More

TopNotch – “What’s The Move”

“What’s The Move?” We’ll tell ya what the move IS – it’s turning this single way the fuck up and jamming this joint from TopNotch as loud as you can y’all! Absolutely everything is on-point here.  From the slickness of the rhythm & flow of this crew to the killer beat & music produced by […]Read More

TonAsh – “Sugar Daddy” Featuring Bodine Victoria

Official Press Release TonAsh Continues To Dominate 2020 With A Brand-New Collab Featuring Bodine Victoria! As the reigning champion & most current recipient of Elevation’s award for Hip-Hop Artist Of The Year, TonAsh knew he’d have to raise the stakes & standards up even further in 2020 to follow up the most pivotal moment of […]Read More

Dyatlove – Dyatlove

Dyatlove – Dyatlove – EP Review Definitely been looking forward to this one. I probably miss my old home in Vancouver, BC, a lot less than I originally thought I would overall…but this crew of four is certainly making me miss those live stages & clubs over there right now.  Aside from this whole pandemic […]Read More

Ian Byarm – “Ransom”

Ian Byarm – “Ransom” – Music Video Release/Review Well isn’t that slick!  If you’re listening closely and paying attention, you’ll notice that artist Ian Byarm has managed to slip in a sly reference to his last single “No ID” inside of the hooks in his new single “Ransom” – that’s playin’ it smart player, well […]Read More

Betweenzone – Mosaical

Betweenzone – Mosaical – EP Review Perhaps to understand what it’s like to push play on a new record by Betweenzone, you kinda have to know a bit about the history of this ride they’ve kept us on.  Or at least from where we jumped in, which was around 2018…admittedly they’d already made several tunes […]Read More

JRS3 – “Planet Suicide”

JRS3 is here to dominate the globe with this single before the whole planet implodes! Massively impressed by the latest jam from JRS3 – this dude is absolutely slayin’ it on “Planet Suicide” – this cut has that serious spark your ears are looking for and a blazing hot performance from the main man on […]Read More

Luanne Hunt – Season Of Grace

Luanne Hunt – Season Of Grace – Album Review Dedicated to the memory of Steve Hunt. The unfortunate truth behind the making of Luanne Hunt’s new album Season Of Grace – her 15th studio record – is that just as she was getting set to start writing & recording it, her husband & long-time musical […]Read More

Aidan – “Washes Of Colour”

If you follow these pages on the regular, you no doubt remember the name Aidan, which has popped up here several times over the years in various reviews.  From his humble beginnings when we were first introduced to his music through a series of three EPs, to his 2019 album As Long As I Close […]Read More