Aidan – “Washes Of Colour”

 Aidan – “Washes Of Colour”

If you follow these pages on the regular, you no doubt remember the name Aidan, which has popped up here several times over the years in various reviews.  From his humble beginnings when we were first introduced to his music through a series of three EPs, to his 2019 album As Long As I Close My Eyes, I’m By Myself, we’ve been ridin’ with this artist over several spans of his own evolution already, and it’s great to have this dude from down under back on our pages any time he shows up.  Because you really never know what you’ll hear from Aidan or what direction he’ll take his tunes with next…and I dig that.

From the looks of things online, Aidan put out a Studio Practice record in between when we last heard him and now, with his return in 2020 and the Changeup EP.  This here eye-catching video that we’ve got for ya is from that very disc, which is out & available now – check out “Washes Of Colour” below!

Moody, poetic, and clearly quite colorful ain’t it?  Aidan teamed up with the talents of Nephi The Crow to create a wildly vibrant set of dreamlike visuals melting into a massively tripped out journey onscreen right in front of your very eyes to support “Washes Of Colour.”  Mission accomplished as far as my eyes are concerned – I’ve ALWAYS got time for something this bright, bold, & beautiful – “Washes Of Colour” is continually moving, blending & bending time, space, and colours throughout the video while the song expands to complement its expressive & artistic design.  Highly interesting to the ears…Aidan’s tapped into a vivid set of emotions in his words & vocals and really found that right gear to suit the song; the energy is on-point, the music is a haunting match, and the lyrics are some of the best I’ve heard from this dude so far without question.  Mind you, he is generally known for his instrumental work…but that might be changing…or at the very least he’s already hinted at dipping into the realm of vocalized music in the past as well, so who knows – that might be the next step he takes in his career.  Confidence comes with the experience for sure…it felt like “Washes Of Colour” had him finding the right approach instantly with this understated performance that cleverly turns the spotlight towards the words themselves.  That is, of course, if you can take your eyeballs off of all the eye-candy floatin’ around this video for “Washes Of Colour” to pay attention to’em all…but hey, no one’s stoppin’ ya from pressing repeat…I mean, just in case…you know, to make sure you catch everything the screen to the speakers got for ya…just sayin.’

I like colours, I like digitalized cartoons, I like trippin’ out in quarantine times.  I also like Aidan’s music and I dig Nephi The Crow’s vibe yo – check out more about them both from their official pages below.

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