Month: <span>April 2020</span>

Fred Ftheki – “Defeated”

Congratulations to artist Fred Ftheki! I don’t know how old the guy is, but take that age and subtract one or two days and that’s how long he’s managed to avoid being on my radar up to this point – but there’s no going back now that I’ve heard “Defeated,” I want this song to […]Read More

Trey Wonder – “I Saw The Witch”

Word on the street is that Alt-punkster Trey Wonder has a brand-new record called Can’t Wait coming out on April 10th – and it just so happens we’ve got one of its lead-singles for ya right here for your endless viewing & listening pleasure.  “I Saw The Witch” has Trey sounding deadly in the dank-ass […]Read More

Eyeing The Sky – Spectral Galaxies

Eyeing The Sky – Spectral Galaxies – Album Review Not that I’d expect anything typical from Eric McGrath and the crew of musical talents that are jammin’ with him…but for sure, you’ll notice that even in a realm of avant-garde, his tunes can turn out quickly to be some of the avant-gardiest you’ll likely ever […]Read More

Ltronnika – “Mission To Paradise”

I woke up this morning thinking we’d start out our day with some relaxed vibes we know we can rely on via the music of Ltronnika.  One of the more curious entities out there in the music-scene right now, this will be our eighth time featuring Ltronnika’s music on our pages, which ultimately is about […]Read More

MINOH – “The Witness”

Sign me up for this!  MINOH is crushin’ it on their brand-new single called “The Witness.” For real…when you get a dose of the brilliant instrumentation and powerful vocals that fuel the fire in this cut, you’ll be reaching for the volume knob to turn this scorching single UP as far as your stereo will […]Read More

Benny Chestnut – “Vibin’”

Benny Chestnut – “Vibin’” – Music Video Release/Review “Sometimes we need a break from all this bullshit…” I don’t think anyone out there watching & listening to Benny Chestnut’s new single “Vibin’” could argue that he’s not providing exactly what he’s promising, y’all feel me?  Highly entertaining stuff from this crossover Country artist…dude’s even got […]Read More

Ross And Dave – “Wash Your Hands”

The question:  “What do two out of work performers on lockdown in their NYC apartment do?” The answer:  “Write a song and do their part to make people happy and save the world.” Of course!  Makes perfect sense to us here safely in the bunker of sleepingbagstudios and hopefully what Ross And Dave are singin’ […]Read More

MemoVele – “Someone You Loved”

Stunning cover tune from the husband & wife collaboration between Andrea & Chiara of the duo MemoVele, who take on the massive hit single “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi and give it a beautiful acoustic shine of their own.  Looks like these fabulous people are living quite the life there in their studio based […]Read More

FZY – Act 3: The Preacher

FZY – Act 3: The Preacher – Album Review If there was anyone out there still doubting the love I’ve expressed for FZY over the years here at SBS, surely that must have been silenced at the end of last year when I put his record Act 2: Frozen Youth onto our annual top ten […]Read More

Jacques – “Love Isn’t Good Enough”

“Did you get my message?” Loud and clear Jacques, loud and clear…sometimes “Love Isn’t Good Enough” – #truth. Soulful artist Jacques is singin’ out the pain and heartbreak to you all on his latest single.  As many of you out there already know full well, the game of love is one of the hardest to […]Read More

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