JRS3 – “Planet Suicide”

 JRS3 – “Planet Suicide”

JRS3 is here to dominate the globe with this single before the whole planet implodes!

Massively impressed by the latest jam from JRS3 – this dude is absolutely slayin’ it on “Planet Suicide” – this cut has that serious spark your ears are looking for and a blazing hot performance from the main man on the m-i-c that can’t be denied.  For a large part of this cut, JRS3 shows you exactly what’s up with a bold performance that has him bare with the snare through the verses more or less…and listening to this dude spit such originality, character, and charisma is freakin’ fantastic, straight-up…there’s a real solidly ambitious & artistic design that holds this whole track together spot-on from beginning to end.  That being said – LISTEN to the way JRS3 commits to the chorus and GOES OFF with explosive energy that both emphasizes the main points he’s makin’ as well as amps-up every single one of us listening in the process – you gotta love it!  Ever since we’ve been listening, JRS3 has continued to make incredible progress in his own evolution as an artist…he’s one of those dudes you can always count on to come up with something uniquely fresh, and when he hits a home-run like he does on “Planet Suicide,” he proves he’s an authentic force to be reckoned with.  This is what it sounds like when commitment, ideas, and talent meet each other in the middle with something real to say – JRS3 crushes this cut, no doubt about it – check it out for yourself & turn the volume up on this video for “Planet Suicide” below!

Find out more about JRS3 the HOBBY ARTIST at his official page at Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/JRS3Music

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