Winner Of The SBS Best New Sound 2018!

 Winner Of The SBS Best New Sound 2018!

Just in case you haven’t seen the official results at the polling station…

CONGRATULATIONS to THIS IS DECIBEL for pulling off an incredible win in 2018’s quest for Best New Sound.

We’ll be immortalizing them on our official Wall Of Fame…soon…as soon as possible…right after I get over the cold that’s trying to kill me.

Until then – I would like to take a quick moment to recognize our entire list of all-star nominees – every single name deserved to be on that list and made incredible contributions to all our speakers, stereos, and playlists in 2018 – and the fans came out to support ya!  Believe it!  You’d have to ask acts like D.Ni.L, Armada Named Sound, and I, Useless to know just how many people came out to support This Is Decibel this year – each of those acts finished within the top 4 and constantly had votes pouring in for them, yet every move they made, This Is Decibel seemed to rally the troops even more.  We’ll go into this more in the official posting on our Wall Of Fame later in January – like I said, just a short burst of recognition for now until I’m 100% healthy again.  I’d like to say a HUGE thank-you to our homies at Fireball8 Design for settin’ it all up against all odds this year – they deserve an award or two of their own, absolutely incredible crew we couldn’t live without.  And of course thank-you to ALL of YOU for your incredible support…not even kidding, YOU all smashed it wide open this year with the most votes we’ve ever had by a massive margin – and you certainly made your feelings known with those ballots!  So Happy New Year to you all – and here’s to another amazing year of independent music coming up, and of course, raise a glass & celebrate great music that deserves to be recognized for its awesomeness – here’s to our reigning champions of our Best New Sound, 2018’s official winner – THIS IS DECIBEL!

The finalized results are:

This Is Decibel – 49.56%

Armada Named Sound – 32.72%

D.Ni.L – 8.92%

I, Useless – 4.73%

onetwothreescream – 1.60%

Acharya – 1.29%

Maxsel – 0.57%

David Gielan – 0.25%

Ed Hale – 0.23%

Armonite – 0.17%


"I’m passionate about what I do, and just as passionate about what YOU do. Together, we can get your music into the hands of the people that should have it. Let’s create something incredible."

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