Year: <span>2018</span>

ANDREJ – Soundcloud Singles

ANDREJ – Soundcloud Songs – Singles Review I love getting a set of songs like this.  Not only is ANDREJ based way far away from us here in Canada over where he is in Serbia, but the selection of singles I’ve got here speak a lot on behalf of the strengths in which his music […]Read More

Nilla Splice – “Power Up”

Nilla Splice – “Power Up” – Music Video Release/Review “Power Up” homies – get in the game yo! Nilla Splice collects mad points for heading to the next level with their brand-new vid, which puts them right into the action front & center for all to see & all to hear.  No joke!  You’ll find […]Read More

Kay L.A. – Summer In LA

Kay L.A. – Summer In LA – EP Review Summer In LA huh?  And you want me to be feelin’ this while I’m chest deep in snow here in freezing cold Canada, when it’s just about ready to really start ragin’ into winter more than it already has been?  I see how it is Kay…never-ending […]Read More

Yung Kennerdy – “Block Party” Feat. Bj54321

Solid rhymes & good times – Yung Kennerdy brings the “Block Party” straight to the people in the all-inclusive vibes and positive energy in this hot single/video.  With bars designed to unite us all and encourage errrrybody to just chill out for a moment, leave the guns & drugs behind, just unwind and get down […]Read More

SBS Best New Sound 2018 1/2 Update!

YOU amazing voters you!  INSPIRING to see so much support pour in!  Thank-you so much to all who have voted so far – keep that momentum going strong through the holidays and continue to rock the vote here at SBS up to 10x per day until December 31st at midnight – do that at the […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 104

Rappin’ it up y’all – it’s Christmastime! We’ll take you through a ton of the vids we’ve been promoting this year & some classics from the past in the mix as well – PLUS, we got a spotlight on 00Guwap and his debut cut for ya – a killer vid to come with it too, […]Read More

Emmanuel Dalmas – Soundcloud Songs

Emmanuel Dalmas – Soundcloud Songs – Singles Review Well that’s impressive and I’d have to assume that’s a record, this will be the eighth time I’ve written about the music of Emmanuel Dalmas – this year!  Even if that’s all been in the form of singles that we’ve reviewed here at the pages, that still […]Read More

The Twelve AM – Pretty Noise

The Twelve AM – Pretty Noise – Album Review Indie-Rock from Connecticut to wherever you are out there in the world right now – come get a piece of the spirited energy you’ll find running throughout The Twelve AM’s new record Pretty Noise.  Dig these guys…reading the backstory on The Twelve AM will reveal there’s […]Read More

JIMMYB – “Teach Myself Again”

Ya had me at the intensely tripped out colors & kaleidoscopic visuals that come along with the new lyric-video JIMMYB – just so happens the chilled-out music & vocals that come along with it on “Teach Myself Again” were equally satisfying to the soul!  Floating into the ether, you’ll find the impressively smooth & sweet […]Read More

Rick Shaffer – Creatures Of Impulse

Rick Shaffer – Creatures Of Impulse – Album Review So much can change in a few years!  Last we caught up with Rick Shaffer was back in 2015 when we did an interview with the man and a review on what was his sixth solo-record at the time called Jitterbug Shake.  Here we are now […]Read More