Year: <span>2018</span>

00Guwap – “00G (Intro)”

00Guwap – “00G (Intro)” – Music Video Release/Review If you wanna glimpse into how real this first experience with 00Guwap is gonna be for ya – check out this quote right from this emcee’s page at Facebook – it reads:  “This the Introduction to my rebirth…the old me died in that jail cell.”  Good to […]Read More

MYEGO – “Past Tense” Feat. Chelsea Ronquillo

MYEGO – “Past Tense” Feat. Chelsea Ronquillo – Single Review Dude’s actually got himself quite a killer EP all-around if you ask me – make sure to check out what MYEGO has goin’ on with the smart set of cuts he’s put together on his latest record called Voyage To The Center Of Me – […]Read More

Black James Bond – “Baby Girl (Timeless Remix)”

R.I.P to the great J Dilla, the original designer behind the “Timeless” sound you’ll hear today by watching that video down below these words – but you’ll get a different twist on the whole thang, courtesy of Bond.  Black James Bond.  Adding in his own soulful & stylistic sound into the mix on “Baby Girl […]Read More

SBS Best New Sound 2018 1/4 Update!

Incredible turnout so far this year!  Thank-you so much to all who have voted so far – keep that momentum going strong through the holidays and continue to rock the vote here at SBS up to 10x per day until December 31st at midnight – do that at the link at the top of our […]Read More

Celiane The Voice – “Why Can’t You?”

Celiane The Voice – “Why Can’t You?” – Single Review Alrighty…so…according to the notes I’ve got here, a lil’ bit of the ol’ research, and several spins of Celiane The Voice’s single “Why Can’t You?” – seems to me that she’s not just busting out another new song here, she’s in the midst of creating […]Read More

D.Ni.L – Do You Know Who I Am?

D.Ni.L – Do You Know Who I Am? – Album Review The prodigal son returns!  Already!  In the very same year that we’ve got his last album Boy.Inside currently featured in our list of nominations for our quest for Best New Sound of 2018 no less!  AND – I have firsthand knowledge of the fact […]Read More


RUTT – II – Album Review I stumbled on this quote out there in internet land while I was listening to the new album from the Boston-based band of never-ending fusion in the age of confusion…quite arguably it’ll tell you more about RUTT or give you more insight into their band than anything I could […]Read More

Racci AK – “Correct”

Racci AK – “Correct” – Single Review “Correct” INDEED homies – this cut CRUSHES. Without question, this is the best I’ve heard the man on the mic so far.  It’s always hard to get the full scope of what an artist is all about or what they can truly bring to the game through just […]Read More

Cats On The Beach – ” Ferry Across The North

Classroom chaos and wild fun from London-based band Cats On The Beach on their new single/video for “Ferry Across The North Sea” – this six-piece band keeps the good times rollin’ quickly with a brilliantly colorful style of their own seriously creative Rock.  Highly-skilled and completely capable of establishing a memorable, vibrantly fresh & uplifting […]Read More

Atratune – “Steel Highway”/”Without You”

Atratune – “Steel Highway”/”Without You” – Singles Review My how things can change in just six short months! Don’t get me wrong, we’ve heard all kinds of different sounds from Atratune in 2018 and heard the dude evolve in several ways in the singles we’ve heard him create – but like…I mean…right there in the […]Read More