JIMMYB – “Teach Myself Again”

 JIMMYB – “Teach Myself Again”

Ya had me at the intensely tripped out colors & kaleidoscopic visuals that come along with the new lyric-video JIMMYB – just so happens the chilled-out music & vocals that come along with it on “Teach Myself Again” were equally satisfying to the soul!  Floating into the ether, you’ll find the impressively smooth & sweet melody of “Teach Myself Again” up among the clouds, while providing insightful wisdom & philosophical ideas along the adventure.  Have a look & listen to what JIMMYB is up to here with the hypnotic & mesmerizing vibes created on “Teach Myself Again” – you’ll love sinking into this acoustic-based tune for sure.

Find more music & all kinds of stuff at JIMMYB’s channel at YouTube here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHNLO4b1LC-dxiipulD580Q

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