Year: <span>2018</span>

Kenneth Stacks – “In Love Wit The Stick”

A video & single so real that even Shia Labeouf will give this cut solid claps of approval by the end! Follow rapper Kenneth Stacks from the studio as he takes an idea fresh from the page directly to the mic on his single “In Love Wit The Stick.”  Watch this emcee make the magic […]Read More

Steve Cook – M.I.D. Twenties Sampler

Steve Cook – M.I.D. Twenties – Album Sampler/Singles Review “Just let me have my own island.” For reals world…give emcee Steve Cook a break will ya?  He’s clearly not asking for much. Alright…so…pretty clear that if you were able to get a sneak peek at Steve’s Christmas list you’d find a pretty damn tall order […]Read More

Dave’s Neck – One

Dave’s Neck – One – Album Review As promised on the SBS Podcast when we played’em last – the Swedish dirt-rockin’ band is ready to start the year off with a bang through the hard-hittin’ & heavy cuts that line their new record, One.  For those of you out there unfamiliar with this three-piece of […]Read More