Month: <span>January 2018</span>

Chill-Anthropy – “Ambiguity”

Dig this!  Music designed to chill you out and allow your mind, body & soul to dream & relax, Chill-Anthropy has released a series of ‘meditative reflections’ on over the course of several records, this particular single “Ambiguity” coming from the Bridges And Tunnels EP, released in 2017.  As chilled-out as the project’s name would […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 078

More from the sleepingbagstudios First Five Years series with The Pit rocking a live set from The Parlour in 2016 + bonus mayhem & video from Ex-Okay with their single “Locked” – get yourself ready to rock and press some of that good ol’ play-button on the latest episode of SBS Live This Week!Read More

Andrew Gerard – Run Away With Me

Andrew Gerard – Run Away With Me – Album Review There was every reason to have high hopes and expectations for the new full-length record from singer/songwriter Andrew Gerard; we’ve been reviewing singles in pre-release of this album since the end of 2016 and been listening with anticipation as Run Away With Me evolved over […]Read More

0192 – Spaceport Union (Live @ Studio 2015) Album II

Always a great time with the prog-rock crew from Spaceport Union!  Check out these additional snaps taken from their time onstage at Studio in Vancouver, BC, back in 2015 when we got to see them for the very first time.  It solidified what we already knew full-well – Spaceport Union BRINGS IT to the stage […]Read More

The Infamous Crack Head – “Money Matters”

Hell ya you better believe we hit-up the old-school beats late-night here at the studio!  Check out this golden find – The Infamous Crack Head!  No joke, this emcee has got BARS, all delivered with the focused-tone, enthusiasm and energy you find in real hip-hop…the new single “Money Matters” is designed to get you amped-up […]Read More

Andrew Farstar – “My Infatuation (Love Vibration)”

If you’ve been up on your reading here at sleepingbagstudios, you’ll remember the name Andrew Farstar from the tail-end of 2017 when we checked out a handful of singles from his brand-new record, Metamorphosis, in review.  One of those singles was “My Infatuation (Love Vibration)” – a sweet & smooth combination of Pop-Electro that is […]Read More

Marco Cartolari – “This Is Where We Meet”

Marco Cartolari – “This Is Where We Meet” – Single Review Quality tune from Marco Cartolari…there’s a real in-depth atmosphere & palpable, heavy-emotion that runs through “This Is Where We Meet,” his brand-new single.  He’s got a seriously interesting vibe flowing through what sounds like a mid-90’s kind of style with a touch of a […]Read More

SteadyGrip & VaedaBoy – “Battlefield”

Shots fired!  This will get you amped-up and the energy flowin.’  SteadyGrip & VaedaBoy let the rhymes rip on the latest cut from their new self-titled record – check out the new single/video for “Battlefield” below! Follow SteadyGrip on Instagram at: Find the self-titled album from SteadyGrip & VaedaBoy at CDBaby here: Be […]Read More

Rockwell & Vincent – “You Were There” Feat. Lorenzo Iannotti

Rockwell & Vincent – “You Were There” Feat. Lorenzo Iannotti – Single Review Ohhhhhhhh boy…get those lighters out and get ready to hold’em up high for this one! The Australian duo of Rockwell & Vincent are entirely straightforward in their ambitions and pursuit of their 80’s style of big rock-anthems; they’re upfront about it and […]Read More

Ree$e Drillz – “I Promise”

As far as we can see & hear, Ree$e Drillz is a man of his word, doin’ what he does best grindin’ out his day, takin’ care of his people and rappin’ his bars with confidence and authority in his tone.  Don’t mistake these rhymes of his for threats – Ree$e Drillz is shootin’ straight […]Read More