Matt Purcell – “Take It Slow”

 Matt Purcell – “Take It Slow”

Matt Purcell – “Take It Slow” – Single Review

Really interesting story taking place in behind the music of Matt Purcell.

If you read about the guy, you’ll find out that he got his start in music pretty early on, releasing two albums by the time he was still in his teenage years.  From there he tours through much of Asia with a whole host of well-known names & things were obviously going really well for Matt as a musician.  As he continued to live his life, new passions emerged – and for the past seven years, his music has taken the proverbial backseat to his roles as a public speaker, a life coach, wedding services, youth services and he even hosts a podcast that deals with the realities, emotions, and experiences of the youth community.

So you see what I’m saying…it’s not like he hasn’t been incredibly busy during those seven years away.  But you know what else is true?  I think music can certainly benefit from Matt’s insightful perspective.

Besides that – isn’t “Take It Slow” ultimately the answer to the question of ‘where has he been?’  The entire thread of the message that tie these lyrics of his new single together is to take that time to enjoy the ride we’re on, wherever it may take us…to not hurry past the moments we should be taking the time to appreciate along the way.  So we kind of have to assume that, even though it’s been a while for Matt’s music to come out into the world, that he’s been making the most of every moment out there as he ventured into his inspirational vocations and new challenges…seven years is a long time away, there’s no doubt about that – but if he’s out there living life and inspiring others to do the same, that’s as great of a reason to be away from the music-scene as I can think of.

But what IF…and I’m just posing this as a theoretical (not really, it suits my narrative) question…what IF he was able to combine his music with the messages & confidence he carries with him today, seven years later?  What if he could put that inspirational attitude and perspective into his music in a way that could represent who he is as a professional now, but still with the personal touch required to connect?

I suppose it would sound a lot like “Take It Slow” – because essentially, that’s what Matt Purcell has done on his new single (Available officially Feb. 18th) from the upcoming Songs For A Friend EP, due out in early 2018.  I really like what I hear from this singer/songwriter and think he has an exceptional understanding of just how to sing his words with the appropriate energy & emotion that will allow these messages to make an impact.  He’s got great tone and a beautiful, graceful & delicate approach, with just enough of a hint of boldness in his cadence that confirms he fully believes in these words he’s singing…and that matters.  I’m sure he’d likely agree that there would be no sense in being a life coach if he couldn’t confidently lead the way – and coming back after seven years with “Take It Slow” is an audible statement of the humble leadership that you’ll find in the honesty of his sound and at the heart of his performance.

Not only is he singing sound advice into our ears throughout his new single, it’s truly put together on an expert-level.  The music is tender and inviting to the ears, the guitar-lines sparkle and the entire song has a perfect production to match the gentleness in the atmosphere of the verse as Matt’s voice begins to emerge.  Sounding fragile at first due to the weight of the emotions in the writing all coming from genuine life experience – it’s that first dive into the chorus that takes us into the deep places this track really wants to take us to, with Matt giving a breathtaking performance in how he sings his melody.  I’m not sure if he’s been singing around the house, in line at the bank or at the office for the past seven years – but clearly, he hasn’t lost a bit of his natural talent.  He sings clearly & confidently matches the right approach to the words with the right emotion to deliver their intended impact…and the ears out there that’ll hear a song like this when they need it most will benefit from the experience greatly.  “Take It Slow” is an honest look at life and how we live it, accompanied by the gentle advice from Matt on how YOU might get even more out of it all just by taking that time to slow it all down and appreciate the beauty in the journey from beginning to end…because we all know there is a TON of beauty in all our lives, but in the hustle & grind of the everyday routine, we can just as easily forget to acknowledge its continuous & constant presence in our every waking moment.  “Take It Slow” is a gorgeous reminder that the best memories last a lifetime, but that it’s the moment that creates them is paramount.

Beautiful sentiment, exceptional tune, sincerely performed – Matt Purcell is clearly back and ready to put his words into action through his stunning ability to combine message & music into one with an empowering & uplifting sound that calm the mind, soothe the soul and warm the heart.

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