Month: <span>February 2016</span>

Joe Melillo

Joe Melillo Interview SBS: Thanks so much for taking some time to talk with us Joe! You’ve got one incredibly informative website my friend…believe me – I could have done an interview easily double this size with the amount of information I was able to find out about you! That’s not only awesome for me […]Read More

Tricky Mandrake – “Over And Under”

Tricky Mandrake – “Over And Under” – Single Review If you caught the last episode of our show you’ve already got a couple of my preliminary thoughts on the new track “Over And Under” by Tricky Mandrake…and chances are you noticed I also referred a couple times to the music ‘playing’ – which unfortunately, we […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 024

New interview with Ryan @ SBS and three members of the electro-rock band HEAD – oD, Lyric and Stone!  Check it out! Music from our featured guests as well as cuts from Colorstarr, Blackout Lights, Yesterday’s Promise and EMPRA – don’t miss out!   To become the next guest on the SBS Podcast, take an […]Read More

Diamusk – “Brotherhood”

Diamusk – “Brotherhood” – Single Review Well…you know me – if I was to only find music that came from our own continent then I wouldn’t really be doing a solid job of tracking down other superstars out in the wide-world of independent music would I? Think we found another bright shining star potentially, based […]Read More

LightBulbHead – Sticky Note Thoughts Vol. One

LightBulbHead – Sticky Note Thoughts Vol. One – Album Review As “The Birth” began the new mixtape from LightBulbHead…I instantly found myself enjoying the energy, passion and lo-fi atmosphere of the music and vocals. With a confident approach and a quick, stylistic take on rap – LightBulbHead immediately begins to impress on Sticky Note Thoughts […]Read More

Because Of Me

Interview with Because Of Me SBS:  Because Of Me!  Welcome to our pages and thanks so much for your time!  I always enjoy talking to people in bands or projects that are just getting going and starting to really define their sound, or start their first recording sessions…just like you guys are doing right now […]Read More

The Gangsta Rabbi – Terminator V617F

The Gangsta Rabbi – Terminator V617F – Album Review Well…it’s not every day that you stumble across something that sounds like this does! Answering the long-standing question of ‘what do Rabbi’s do after we’ve all gone to bed’ – The Gangsta Rabbi is here to show you in-full just how crazy and bizarre it can […]Read More

Daniel Ray – The Balance

Daniel Ray – The Balance – Album Review Alright…so…bear with me…today I’ve got an artist in review here, but I’ve literally no clue about much beyond the music. I can tell you Daniel Ray seems to be an extremely chill & nice guy when you talk to him, that much I can say…but that’s all […]Read More

Jennifer Hope – “Bring Me To Life”

Jennifer Hope – “Bring Me To Life” – Single Review Well…on the one hand, you can rest assured good ol’ Amy Lee is sitting on the couch squandering her talents anyhow…so the way that I see it, no reason the music of Evanescence should sit there wasting time with her. Open season on the entire […]Read More