Month: <span>February 2016</span>

HelloHeathen – Blue Tape Demos

Hello Heathen – Blue Tape Demos – EP Review Hello Heathen – it has been awhile! And MAN…am I completely happy to have you back. In a world that can often feel plasticized, fake and hollow…HelloHeathen continues to make music in a raw & real way that is quite often the result of circumstance than […]Read More

Artour – For The Crown

Artour – For The Crown – EP Review Interesting approach to music from Artour, solo Pop/Dance artist on his new EP For The Crown. Released in the second week of 2016, Artour has already got a solid following latching onto his catchy rhythms and danceable-hooks. There were many hits and few misses as his new […]Read More

Dan McLean Jr. – “I’ve Seen Love”

Dan McLean Jr. – “I’ve Seen Love” – Single Review As much as I might try to resist the soft-rock genres…sometimes you can’t help but enjoy something that someone has clearly put their heart & soul into, no matter if the sound is to your personal taste or not. While it might not be something […]Read More

1700MN – Know That Music Is My Lifeblood

1700MN – Know That Music Is My Lifeblood – Album Review Nearly six-months since we last checked in on 1700MN, Ed Purchla’s creative-outlet and music-project set deep within the realms of experimental-electro and the artistic soundscapes found only within the transmissions of his very own brainwaves…and somehow he manages to translate these incredible thoughts & […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 023

Before the show gets going again and SBS makes the move to Ottawa, Ontario – we’ve got a couple episodes to put out in the meantime, starting with this one from back in the day featuring an interview between Jer @ SBS & rapper JC Seals III. The first audio-interview SBS ever technically did, long […]Read More

Coronal Mass Ejection

Coronal Mass Ejection – CME – EP Review There’s some seriously mind-blowing shit happening on the five-songs from this three-piece out of Philly, PA…like…monstrously-massive music that hits hard in every direction with passionate instrumentation that really highlights the commitment and dedication to the music that the players in Coronal Mass Ejection are making on this […]Read More

Eya – “Dancing Alone Forever”/”Nobody Else But You”

Eya – “Dancing Alone Forever”/”Nobody Else But You” – Singles Reviewed Electro-pop artist Eya combines positivity and uplifting-energy on her latest two singles “Dancing Alone Forever” and “Nobody Else But You” – cuts that are swift to catch the attention and begin to work their magic quickly with complexity in the edits, sharp-cuts and dynamic-beats […]Read More

Shadoh – “Get Spun”

Shadoh – “Get Spun” – Music Video Release Ahhhh yes!  Time to get GRIMEY! Welcome to the world of Scottish Grime-music!  If you’ve never had a dose before, you’re in for something extra-special today through the perspective and rhymes of Shadoh on his new-cut called “Get Spun.”  Making his presence known and felt worldwide as […]Read More

Nexus Plate – Soundcloud Singles

Nexus Plate – Singles Reviewed Were it not for the extreme pleasure I’ve been taking in the music I’ve been listening to today, I’d almost swear that I had made the wrong choices in what to review today. Not because the music has been any kind of bad whatsoever – quite the opposite! Much like […]Read More

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