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SBS:  Because Of Me!  Welcome to our pages and thanks so much for your time!  I always enjoy talking to people in bands or projects that are just getting going and starting to really define their sound, or start their first recording sessions…just like you guys are doing right now – so that works out perfect.  From what I’ve read so far…seems like you’re already at an exciting time to be a part of Because Of Me – and also from what I’ve read…seems like this collaboration of a band comes together from all corners of the earth!  So tell us about the very core beginnings and origin behind the band and let us in on how this whole project gets going!

Craig (Lead Vocals):  For me basically I had not long left a previous band and to tell you the truth I was ready to give up on the music altogether it seemed everything that started promising ended up plunging for me . But then a txt come from Pax who I had met once before through the guitarist in the previous band and yeah like I said already I never wanted to take part but my fiancé give me the push to give a last shot and thank GOD because things really started to kick off quick , You  know I owe a lot to Pax to be honest he put that belief back into me which was lost .

SBS:  You’ve got yourself listed as a ‘metalcore’ band…spell it out for all the old-people out there right now that don’t even know of ‘metalcore’ as a genre…what would you say the defining characteristics of ‘metalcore’ are as a genre itself?  Taking it a step further – what is it specifically about the music you’re making that puts it into the ‘metalcore’ genre?

Seth (Bass):  Metalcore is a broad fusion of metal and punk hardcore. The defining characteristics are the song structures are usually heavy riffs during the verses and more mellow choruses. The riffs could be menacing but melodic and may be harmonized. The guitars are generally drop tuned (Drop D or Drop C) and sometimes are tuned really low to a B or A… Drums are generally heavily double bass oriented. The vocals can be merged with harsh/ abrasive and clean or just harsh/abrasive… Vocalists tend to scream more than growl. and the choruses may have a clean vocal section. Another important element of metalcore seen and heard recently is the emphasis on breakdowns.So, specifically our music is associated to this genre as we have the staple two guitarists, a bassist and double kick drums that are used for the instrumentation. In addition, a mixture of vocals are used particularly in the way of “screaming” which forms the basis and then additional melodic/ clean singing features too through the chorus and bridge sections. We’re still in our infancy as a band but  gradually finding and harnessing our sound as we explore and experiment with different techniques.

SBS:  Based out of the UK…I’m assuming at the moment that’s because I see two players that are from there out of the five with the other three players coming from Brazil, Poland and South Africa?  Are you all in the same place now or was that just where you’ve all come from?  In either event…how have you found the worldly experience of the band has played a role in the music you make?  I’m thinking these different backgrounds obviously must have some unique differences they bring to the table, but also some intensely strong similarities that bring it all together as well?

Seth:  Yeah, we are all currently based in London, England.  Correct, we are originally from different countries around the globe.  It’s remarkable how we have all come together (through mutual friends) but I’d say the definitive and significant thing we share in common is a faith in Jesus along with similar tastes in music. We have all played in bands in the past so we are accustomed to playing different styles of music is The vocal delivery is rather unique. Lyrically the subject matter deals with man, life and enduring hardships but having God at the center of it all.

SBS:  Whether distantly-based or all-together in the UK…tell me what’s going to keep the current line-up of Because Of Me together over time?  Where’s the strength in the bond and is it perceivably strong enough to keep all five of you together for years to come?

Craig:  The strength definitely  comes from my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ 110% for me and our band is that I think we don’t all attend the same church and all come from different backgrounds like for me I started my journey in faith in 2012 after hitting a all time low with addiction ,depression that’s the short end of it .There’s to much to say now but yeah we’re powered by the Holy Spirit and our love for similar music makes that bond stronger and the main thing in a band is that you share similar targets on what you want from all of this because if only two of you are on board then it just won’t work as I have learnt many times.

SBS:  What’s been important in the writing of the songs for the upcoming EP?  You know what I mean…there have been ingredients in the music…things along the way that you’ve discovered along the way that are becoming essential to the song-writing process no doubt – what have you found throughout the writing/recording process of the EP that songs HAD to have in order for them to make the grade?

Pax (Guitar):  Well ..typically, writing a song starts with an idea or an inspiration. Everyone has their own experiences,beliefs and emotions and lyrics writing often is a matter of expressing these.In Because of Me our Christian faith defines everything that we do ,it is the fundamental for  this band and main reason why we still want to do it. Craig is writing all lyrics for our songs and I believe this is an essence of Because of Me. His way of writing really speaks to people because it is written from his own experiences,from his own heart  its real know what I mean . Not some kind of imaginary stories but stuff taken from deep inside. It does speak to me every time I listen to it.

SBS:  What was the consensus from the band on how to go about establishing a serious impact with this first set of songs on the EP and releasing the single “My Hope” – what made that the choice for the debut-song to put out?  Was there debate amongst the players in the band on that?  How did that discussion go and how did you all come to the agreement that “My Hope” was the right choice?

Craig:  Yeah I mean we had a previous bass player a friend of mine who played with me in the previous band before Seth came on board and I mean he just didn’t like our sound which is fine. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea you have to accept that. You know it doesn’t matter if you are speaking truth on your record if people don’t like it they won’t listen.  But you know, I know for certain that GOD is pushing me to this and I am being called for greater purpose. I don’t think there was a real reason behind why it was first to be released I just think it happened that way but trust me the songs will only get better I can assure you on that we’re all very excited about this, that’s for sure.

SBS:  You mentioned production briefly when we first talked in setting this all up together…I’m assuming you felt this played a major role in the overall end-sound of the new EP.  How so?  Was it simply a matter of better access to better equipment or more studio time or was there more to it than that?  What was it about the production of the new EP that stood out to ya?

Pax:  I can’t overstate how important for us is the process of production and good mixing .Every style of music has certain music mixing principles that are fundamental to making in work. I f you want a record deal you need good recordings, imagery, photography, graphic design-everything.  You need every representation of you and your product as good as it can be. We were looking for mixing engineer that was open to our ideas and first of all somebody who really care .We are very pleased to work with  Jack “Jaq” Moroziewicz,  guitarist of band called Eris is My Homegirl .He is really hard working producer and I  like what he stands for, I like how he treats his bands ,we have a good friendship. He is so attentive to details and extremely capable,sensitive and responsive to the specific needs of our project. We want to challenge ourselves with every new song we make. That is why we’re still writing to make each track instantly memorable.

SBS:  If you were to compare yourselves to other bands in the genre…or sounds in the metal-ish area…what is it about the way you all have approached making the music of Because Of Me that separates it from the rest?  What would stand-out to us as listeners as different from anything else they might hear?  Or is that important to Because Of Me…to be different…maybe it’s just about making good music – what would you say?

Max (Guitar):  If I was to compare us to any band I’d say we’re a mix between Beartooth and Hundredth. I mean we’re a hardcore band but we have some elements in our music that sort of steps out of that scene and I personally feel a Beartooth vibe when I listen to the instrumentals. We try to implement some raw and simple riffs in our music which comes from our hardcore influences, however, you might feel like the sound effects in the tracks might take out the raw-ness and make it a bit more modern sounding. But that is good because the hardcore scene needs to step out of the box and I guess we’re trying to do that. At the moment we’re just focusing on getting things started so we just want to make something good, but definitely in the future we would work on something that will have more thought into it and will define us in the music industry.

SBS:  Where do you feel like the music you’re making would do the best potentially when looking at the globe…everyone tends to start & stay where they are…at least typically in bands – but you’re in a unique situation that potentially could see this project move or become based anywhere that it could perform best based on the backgrounds of the band-members.  Is the music of Because Of Me made for the UK or is it potentially suited better for a different scene somewhere else?

Craig:  I mean if we stay in the UK and that’s the place we are needed then that’s fine but of course I would love to spread this message all over the globe given the chance I’d always dreamed of playing big festivals but if that’s not in GOD’s plan for me then it’s fine but if it happens then that’s great too . I do this because of the love and enjoyment and  my message can have a impact on people it’s all about giving back and self sacrifice .I tried the sex drugs and rock ‘roll and that nearly killed me and I was really selfish to be honest .I don’t think many artists know how  much of an impact there words have so think wisely before opening your mouths and use know who I’m talking about.

SBS:  Upcoming touring and live-shows planned to support the new EP I’m assuming?  What’s the biggest challenge in bringing these songs to the stage as opposed to bringing them into the studio?

Max:  Yes the upcoming shows will be to support this EP and to start building our reputation. Well with live shows there’s an extra factor to worry about. You need to make sure the crowd is entertained, and getting your parts right while doing so can be hard so it requires a handful of rehearsals. In the studio if you know your parts you should be fine. Plus if you make a mistake you can fix it.

SBS:  I just realized I haven’t asked how many songs are actually ON the EP yet!  How many do we get?  What was the key in making the EP sound cohesive and flow from track to track?  Was layout and transitions between songs…how it all flows discussed between the band?  Again…potentially big decisions – how did you tackle this in Because Of Me?

Pax:  We are really occupied with writing  and recording process at the moment and its really hard to say what the final product will look like. Honestly, we don’t even know how many tracks we gonna release at the end but I think this is really best part of it . We are discovering that sometimes some great ideas come out naturally but then you need to spend some time to polish them all and discuss with everybody in a band  if they are really happy with it. Everybody in a band really put a lot of effort to give their best to it.This really unite us together.  At the moment based on what we have it looks like  there is a specific theme around this EP and its to do with a facts that many of us see ourselves through a lens of shame,discourage,falls,mistakes  but there is this transition and hope to start seeing ourselves as Jesus sees through His lens of redemption for human kind. We want the final product to spread love and hope with it  to those who are lost in time and space ,struggle ,losing sense of identity.

SBS:  Alright guys!  Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview with us and letting us all in on what’s coming up for Because Of Me.  Take a moment here to let us know where to find you online and how the fans can stay connected to the news about the upcoming EP release.  And as we always like to offer the SBS ‘open floor’ here at the end of the interview for you to bring up anything else you wanted to say or talk about – feel free to do that too!   Thanks guys!

Max:  We would like to thank you for having this  opportunity for an interview. You  can find us and listen to  our music through Let’s stay connected. Our new singles are available already on iTunes,Amazon,Spotify. We are grateful for all kind of responses. God bless.

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