Month: <span>August 2014</span>

Alexander Ehm – Praise The Lord

Alexander Ehm – Praise The Lord – Album Review If I’m not too careful – you people out there are going to start assuming I ONLY deal with religiously-based music! As strange as I personally find it each and every time that we’re often sought out this way – I take it as an extreme point […]Read More

Adam Schneider – Turning Away

Adam Schneider – Turning Away – Album Review I’ve been excited to get to this new album after talking briefly with its creator over the screens of the internet. About his music – Adam is one of my favorite things – excited! From what I’ve heard on this new album Turning Away, he has plenty of reason […]Read More

Evin Gibson – “Instant Fire” & “Alarm”

Evin Gibson – “Instant Fire” & “Alarm” – Singles Review Evin Gibson is definitely onto something here… Checking into his latest single, “Instant Fire” – I think I might have just discovered one of today’s future songwriters in the R&B/Soul/Pop section of our lives. The song embodies a familiar style of modern soul, almost bringing in […]Read More

Big City Love Affair – Atlantis

Big City Love Affair – Atlantis – Album Review Warning: If you’re one of them…you know…music-purists who believes no remix is capable of holding ground to an original version…you might wanna grab a snack and busy yourselves while the rest of us get our collective-awesome on and start shaking things up with the new tunes from […]Read More


I must say, dear readers…this was a very interesting interview to conduct.  After researching and learning about Kenner…I came out of it all with my questions in hand, but also left with two stunning impressions of how this band operated.  The first…after watching numerous videos in their catalog…was that this band has an extreme sense […]Read More

Professor Oak – Planet X

Professor Oak – Planet X – Pre-Release Review There are some incredible sounds cooking up in Professor Oak’s musical-laboratory. With sounds and beats from all kinds of styles & textures, the music is hypnotic in the best of ways; it really holds your attention as the songs display a true range of dynamics as they drift […]Read More

Tommy West – Frequencies Of The Sun

Tommy West – Frequencies Of The Sun – Album Review You can’t fool me Tommy…I know what I’m in for here… Loading up the official website of Tommy West at will not only take you to the music…but to a very telling background accompanying it. Look at that beast of a guitar! Brightly colored in a […]Read More