Evin Gibson – “Instant Fire” & “Alarm”

 Evin Gibson – “Instant Fire” & “Alarm”

Evin Gibson – “Instant Fire” & “Alarm” – Singles Review

Evin Gibson is definitely onto something here…

Checking into his latest single, “Instant Fire” – I think I might have just discovered one of today’s future songwriters in the R&B/Soul/Pop section of our lives. The song embodies a familiar style of modern soul, almost bringing in tones and change-ups found often in the great R. Kelly’s work. Make no mistake though – Evin Gibson certainly has his own unique and defined sound and has definitely put forth an empowering and emotional single here with “Instant Fire.”

Driven by a beautiful keyboard-synth-piano line that provides the ultimate backdrop for Gibson’s passionate vocals, “Instant Fire,” flows like water. You can hear the focus Gibson has put on his vocals and hear the work he’s put into delivering them exactly how he wants them to come out. With an inventive verse, creative & hook-laden chorus and a range that can go from the ground-floor to the penthouse anytime he wants – Gibson has created one smooth, slow burning track here.

It’s the real emotional intensity behind this song that makes it a winner. Whether it’s Gibson drawing from real-life experience, or just putting on his maximum vocal-effort – the passion is his performance comes through completely strongly. The song is definitely what’s happening out there NOW in pop/soul music and there’s nothing I can hear that would hold this talent back from making his way onto the airwaves.

“Alarm” is certainly the confirmation. With a bass-driven beat that has a seriously anthem-style chorus, you can hear how well a song like this translates both on record, and certainly to a crowd of music-fans from the live-stage. This song is big in scale and production, the addition of the siren is perfect…but will also no-doubt leave fans turning up their volumes AND checking their rearview mirrors a little more often…just in case!

Overall the track is a lot more of the danceable aspect of Evin Gibson. A little research will let you hear a little more music as Gibson keeps the heat on his latest singles “Instant Fire” & “Alarm” – but there are a few more tunes you can hear at his official page http://www.evingibson.com/ that are definitely of the same style & quality you’ve already been digging from him.

This is definitely a showcase talent for the R&B world, and with his ever-expanding fan-base, Evin Gibson is definitely a voice you’ll hear coming over your stereos in the near future to come.

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