Month: <span>May 2014</span>

Jimmy Jax Pinchak – Make It Better

Jimmy Jax Pinchak Band – Make It Better – Album Review Now here’s an impressive backstory! It seems that good ol’ JJP has not only found an ability to entertain through his music, but also through the Hollywood screens. To name a few of the movies you’ve surely already SEEN with him in it could include […]Read More

Undocument – Pleasures

Undocument – Pleasures – Album Review I don’t know about all of you out there – but I definitely know what I like as far as electro is concerned. Brian Pampaselle – the genius behind Undocument, is making all of it – that’s right, ALL the things I like – and more on this second album, […]Read More

Zero Verdict – Clarity

Zero Verdict – Clarity – EP Review You may have seen this album cover pop up at the end of our internet show SBS Live This Week through postings of the recut episodes with Laura Kelsey on our new home at Vimeo. You might have also noticed that although we’ve continued to review music at a […]Read More

Carry Illinois – Siren

Carry Illinois – Siren – EP Review This is a fantastic and exciting year in independent music for eagerly awaiting ears out there. 2014 has had an unbelievable start to it so far, with many of the artists I’ve reviewed, seen live, or personally know making the best music they’ve made in their careers as of […]Read More

Jacob H. Carruthers III – Jazz In My Soul

Jacob H. Carruthers III – The Jazz In My Soul – Album Review Yeah! Let’s jazz it up this morning! Meet Jacob H. Carruthers III, also known as “Trey.” In addition to making excellent, entertaining and listenable jazz – it looks like he and I have something pretty major in common right at this moment…though we come […]Read More

Skelley’s Dream – We Are Amazing

Skelley’s Dream – We Are Amazing – Album Review Beautiful voices and musical dreamscapes swirl and captivate on this new album from Skelley’s Dream. Started up by songwriter Winski and based in Holland; this project, along with each and every enthusiastic collaborator on board to record this album have achieved something truly fantastic here on this […]Read More

EDMTV Event @ SBS 2014

SO MANY THINGS! Like tons of you out there – I feel that weight and pressure to make it all happen. The physical aspect of the music studio was certainly one I had been expecting to see pick up a lot more over these past two years, but also to be considered in this equation […]Read More

Masato Chiwa

Despite having sent out numerous written interviews in 2014 – it’s been a while since we’ve had one returned with answers back to us! Believe me, I can assure you from the callouses on the tips of my typing-fingers – these interviews still go out all the time…but we all know I ramble on so much […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 002

The second half of our re-cut interview with Laura Kelsey! Through video guest appearance – we’ll also see footage from our recent event here at the studio for the Everyday TV Music shoot from Trev Conkey, a brand new video from our local pop/rock/reggae boys Abandon Paris and a special dedicated video from Kristi Sayles […]Read More

Ugo Capeto – Short Stories

Ugo Capeto – Short Stories – Album Review Alright. Simple as this; first person to tell me that they DON’T like this band gets a hard ham-fisted slap to the face without ANY love or good intentions behind it. That’s right – the bad slap. You don’t want that…no one does… I figure the odds of having to […]Read More