Month: <span>May 2014</span>

The Other Colors – O.R.

The Other Colors – O.R. – Album Review Hot damn – is this album ever tough to explain to the top-40 crowd! Masters of atmosphere from France, The Other Colors are back with a new album FULL of intense soundscapes and sonic experiments. Those of you that have known me from my musical past will know […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 001

Technically…it all began here in this episode…. filmed waaaaaaay back when I had no idea what we were doing whatsoever, but lucky enough to have an extremely patient & friendly first guest as I jumped back into doing interviews after nearly ten years without writing or asking a single question. I had the studio all […]Read More

Secrets Of A Wooden Hut – From The Outside

Secrets Of A Wooden Hut – From The Outside – EP Review Australia…I’ve mentioned before just how much I LOVE you guys right? I swear – your continent is more “plugged-in” musically…so ahead of the game in so many ways with what’s happening in your indie circuit right now that I can’t help but look forward […]Read More

Gemstar – Open Skies

Gemstar – Open Skies – Album Review Allow me to beat this horse yet one more time… You independent artists out there are truly kicking ALL of the ass right now; the mainstream ain’t got nothing on you right now. Bands and artists are strengthening their skills, knowing that the best of the best will succeed […]Read More

Ysimonis – Regular N*gg#

Ysimonis – Regular N*gg# – Album Review It hasn’t been since Snoop released Doggystyle that I’ve heard an album warrant the tag of explicit lyrics like this! Ysimonis has got plenty to say on his new album Regular N*gg# and he is certainly unafraid of using his extended vocabulary to get the job done right. The result […]Read More