Month: <span>February 2014</span>

Sin Twister – Sin Twister

Sin Twister – Sin Twister – Album Review Yep – I can be the bigger man here…I can admit when I’m stumped. With as many traditional influences from rock & metal past can still be found prevalently all throughout this album – the sheer uniqueness of the vocals of Sin Twister are…not “throwing me off” necessarily, but […]Read More

The Hawthornes – More Than Eyes Can See

The Hawthornes – More Than Eyes Can See – Album Review Meet The Hawthornes! Through their debut album More Than Eyes Can See, I’ve just been able to discover them recently as well – you’re not that far behind at all! Push play and let’s examine this first full length effort from The Hawthornes. And if you […]Read More

Rabbi Danielle Upbin

This was a complete privilege. In an interview that discusses everything from music, to politics, to religion – I was completely inspired to talk to Rabbi Danielle Upbin about her new album Reveal The Light and anything else that came to my mind. No topic was off-limits and I was every bit as free as I […]Read More

Utuvis – Pathogenic Symphonic

Utuvis – Pathogenic Symphonic – Album Review Awesome, is probably a great place to start… I’ve always been a huge fan of dark electronic soundscapes, and as many of you already know, I’m also a gigantic fan of melody in music, no matter the genre. Utuvis has found a comfortable place in this rare combination, maximizing […]Read More

Marga Lane – Expressions

Marga Lane – Expressions – EP Review Well, it’s close enough to Valentine’s Day, so I’m heading into the straight up club-pop section to find me something to love! This particular V-Day of 2014, it just so happens that’s coming to us from Marga Lane – a deeply skilled and tremendous songwriter based in L.A. Understand […]Read More

No – Meet Me After Dark

No – Meet Me After Dark – Album Review We were lucky enough to have interviewed No through our written work on the site in 2013, exposing us to a pure and melodic pop-rock sound led by the Jarzabek brothers in an interview that offered a lot of insight into the inner-workings of the band […]Read More


I have always long maintained since starting this project with sleepingbagstudios back in 2012 that one of THE coolest aspects of what we doing is being able to talk with people from so far away & in different parts of the world entirely. Another one of THE coolest things about that though, is being able to […]Read More

The Striped Bananas – Lady Sunshine

The Striped Bananas – Lady Sunshine – Album Review Yep. They just MIGHT have had me at their own description of their music: “Psychedelic Basement Rock” – who doesn’t want to hear some of THAT? Consider me all about it. And after pushing play on Lady Sunshine, the new album from The Striped Bananas all suspicions are confirmed – […]Read More