Marga Lane – Expressions

 Marga Lane – Expressions

Marga Lane – Expressions – EP Review

Well, it’s close enough to Valentine’s Day, so I’m heading into the straight up club-pop section to find me something to love! This particular V-Day of 2014, it just so happens that’s coming to us from Marga Lane – a deeply skilled and tremendous songwriter based in L.A.

Understand me readers: This is not simply cupid’s arrow at work – there is an absolute TON to love about what ML has done here on her Expressions EP.

How’s THIS for a first impression; I pushed play and the first thing that HIT ME IN THE FACE was outstanding songwriting. It was literally to the point where I opened page after page socially and learned what I could about Marga Lane. As it turns out – she has graduated from Berklee College of Music…

…and let me tell you that after a thorough listen, that is NO JOKE.

Every strength of songwriting could easily be cited in this review. Though I haven’t spent a ton of time in the pop genre as of late – you never stop knowing what perfect is when you hear it. Expressions is an outstanding and immaculate effort and there’s not a single hand involved in this EP that shouldn’t be proud of the work that has been done.

Listen to “Aftershocks” and tell me I’m wrong. Hell – listen to ANY of them and tell me I’m wrong. Each track is immaculately produced, each song superbly written and pure pop perfection. If all these facts are true – all that studying certainly paid off and that my friends, was a degree extremely well-earned.

Right! The best part. I’m so sorry…I keep forgetting!

The best part is that Marga Lane has every bit of the talent necessary to keep up with her amazing songwriting skills. This isn’t a songwriter that should ever be handing off her material for others to sing and perform; she has ounces of audibly-measurable talent and if this isn’t the sound of a determined artist giving it their all, well then I’ve honestly never heard it.

I’ve accused the genre of pop many times for its thorough lack of sincerity in contrast to its heavy themes…saying everything and nothing at the same time, but with no emotion. I can absolutely say with 100% conviction that this EP from ML absolutely hits the spot the rest are missing. You can hear the focus, determination, craft and skill. You can hear she is ENJOYING herself and LOVING these songs – and why shouldn’t she be? It’s that justifiable belief in her material that allows her to relax, sing and play with full confidence & full force. You can HEAR the emotion, and it’s AWESOME.

As a sucker for melody – when ML hits the slower tracks like “Crime Scene” or “Finish Line,” I personally feel like she really nails’em! And to say that they’re “slower” jams might even be unfair; one of Marga’s most solid songwriting capabilities is to make songs that build and change, starting slowly with a gentle idea before blossoming into full-on anthems to take immediately to the safety of your car to sing them out as loud as you can.

Debut EP eh? One has to wonder…if her career-path goes anything at all like her song-structures…

Marga Lane will be huge one day – everything about the Expressions EP gives me full confidence that this is an artist that makes it.

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