Month: <span>June 2013</span>

Morning Fame – Back & Forth

Morning Fame – Back & Forth + Cast Away – Album Review I cheated. I always start at the beginning when doing an album review – I didn’t this time…I’ll admit it… It’s certainly not because I don’t like the track – I’m a huge fan of the opening track from Morning Fame on this […]Read More

The Great Airport Mystery – The Great Spaceport Mystery

The Great Airport Mystery – The Great Spaceport Mystery – Album Review I thrive on multiple sounds and franticness in music when I’m not in a steady diet of acoustic music. I like music that can be challenging to the ear and make me listen for the difficulty in the assembly, the mix and the work […]Read More

D-Bo – Table Manners

D-Bo – Table Manners – Mixtape Review This was an interesting review for me to do. By the very definition of a mix-tape a listener is likely to find some elements they find amazing and some that don’t appeal to them as much – it’s a music-game that requires skill in sample choice and production. This is […]Read More

Wolf Colony – Singles

Wolf Colony – Music Review Sometimes you just know. Reading the initial communication from Wolf Colony I knew I’d find myself something I could dig personally and from the first of the four songs posted on their Soundcloud page it was already heading in the right direction. The vibe I got from the band is that […]Read More

Treehouse! – Growth

Treehouse! – Growth – Album Review No joke – this album starts off on the RIGHT note! I’ve actually been waiting in anticipation for this album release by TreeHouse! and instantly I find exactly what I had been hoping for – consistency in their character and quality in the music. Now, we all know that expectations […]Read More

Chords Of Truth – Reflections Of Reality

Chords Of Truth – Reflections Of Reality – Album Review I’m a big believer in writing “unforced” reviews – one’s that come in the moment and not from forcing the work, but rather from wanting it. As many of you have come to know through our last album review with the band We Steal Flyers – […]Read More

We Steal Flyers – Sidecars & Sideshows

We Steal Flyers – Sidecars & Sideshows – Album Review I have to admit once I had read the name of this band I had a completely different impression of the sound of We Steal Flyers and their music already buzzing inside my head. I envisioned young punks taking posted information off of telephone poles back […]Read More

What Are We Up To Now?

Oh my. I started this on June 9th…be prepared! It seems that on any given week that goes by we can end up doing something outside of our original intentions – that beautiful opportunity to step outside our comfort zone and participate in some of the most real and genuine moments we’ve been a part […]Read More