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Naro Kim – The Captain

EP Review

Naro Kim – The Captain – EP Review What an inspiring set of songs and story to go with it! The young & beautiful Naro Kim has gone through a lot over the past two-years…to be truthful, more than most could handle.  After a blood-vessel popped on the left-side of her brain, Naro lost vision…lost

Fisherkings – Last To Know

EP Review

Fisherkings – Last To Know – EP Review I half expected this to be an instrumental!  I tried to get a word out of these guys after having the EP passed my way…but believe me, the Fisherkings didn’t even come close to taking the bait!  Got the ol’ industry-standard set of links blasted at me,

Japz Soul – “Good Life”

Single Review

Japz Soul – “Good Life” – Single Review Big summer sounds from Japz Soul in this electro-infused blending of massive music-moments.  The new single “Good Life” has vocals that range in sound, texture & style through the effects and delivery of JS…it’s got elements of R&B, Pop, hip-hop all mixed into this all-inclusive song that

0123 – SBS Grunge Panel Album II

SBS Photo Journal

Additional shots from our time discussing grunge music on SBS Live This Week with indie-experts Tyler Mayfield (Lung Flower), Tyler Hutton (The Pit/Closer) and Steve Barmash (Blackout Lights) at our studio setup in Abbotsford, BC.  Awesome to talk to these guys, and we’ve run into them all interacting on stages throughout the city’s music-scene –

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