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Nick Tan – New Normal

EP Review

Nick Tan – New Normal – EP Review We’re in what you might call the aftermath period for Nick Tan’s New Normal EP.  The regulars out there that haunt the pages of what we cover here at sleepingbagstudios already know I tend to do a lot of reading while I’m listening to the music…checking out

SBS Podcast EP 007

Debuts & Diving Into The Catalog

Excellent lineup of tunes from the independent music-scene!  We’ll talk about the unique qualities that drive the music…the whole conformity vs. non-conformity thing…bring back some excellent bands we’ve played on the show in the past as well as some brand-new tunes including a debut of a brand-new single from Outrun The Arrow!  Lots going on,

Peak Arrival – Way Up

EP Review

Peak Arrival – Way Up – EP Review From the moment that “Life Goes On” started the Way Up EP from Peak Arrival I felt like I was in for something fun, something unique.  Immediately greeted by a playful piano melody and a beautiful set of vocals from both Meaghan Mader and Luigi Cararetto –

Race Against Fate – “Fearlessly”

Single Review

Race Against Fate – “Fearlessly” – Single Review Some of our best moments creatively come from some of the most tragic events in our lives.  The strength of an emotional connection can lead an artist into some of their most sincere songs…even if they’re only initially written with self-therapy intended, as a way out of

TrackSevenBand – The Try And The Fail

EP Review

TrackSevenBand – The Try And The Fail – EP Review I feel like I don’t get to hear music like this often enough…right now, TrackSevenBand is completely hitting the spot for me.  With a blend of solid instrumentation, real ideas in the writing and professional execution – the multilayered TrackSevenBand is kicking out the smooth-jams

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