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Meshach Abednego – “Just Be Glad To Be Here”

Single Review

Meshach Abednego – “Just Be Glad To Be Here” (Hayling Cover) – Single Review Extremely interesting. I’m not exactly sure that everyone out there is exactly going to get what Meshach Abednego is attempting on his latest single “Just Be Glad To Be Here,” but I could be underestimating the people…I suppose that’s possible… A…

Third Realm – Deranged

Album Review

Third Realm – Deranged – Album Review If you like your electro on the dark-side, you’ll not need to look much further than Buffalo, New York’s Third Realm. As I understand it, dark-electro has been a prevalent part of the NY underground scene for a good part of this last decade, growing stronger with their…

Árstíðir – Hvel

Album Review

Árstíðir – Hvel – Album Review Is it strange that I can identify the Iceland sound? Between the character-placement of the band/album name and the overall tone and assembly of the music, I was left with little to no doubt that Árstíðir was coming to us from this beautiful still-fairly-untouched music-mecca. Turns out that yes,…

Human Behavior – Bethphage

Album Review

Human Behavior – Bethphage – Album Review I think it was pretty close to a year ago at this time when I first landed my ears upon Human Behavior when reviewing their album Golgotha. After the unique experience diving deep into their diverse & versatile music, this Tucson, AZ based band has managed to stick…

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