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Anna Aliena – The Muse

EP Review

Anna Aliena – The Muse – EP Review We’re a little ahead of the game on this one…Anna Aliena’s new EP The Muse doesn’t officially come out until October 30th this year – but you know that doesn’t stop me for listening to it now! In fact…it’s always an honour to be able to review

Ryan McCarl – Riding With The Outlaws

EP Review

Ryan McCarl – Riding With The Outlaws – EP Review What a day here in British Columbia, Canada…I had to completely re-write my intro for this article after starting this up earlier this morning, only to end up one of 200,000 victims of a brutal power-outage throughout the lower mainland. It lasted nearly six or

goldAP – Soundcloud Singles

Singles Review

goldAP – Soundcloud Singles Review Not to be confused with the recent work we’ve done in print & on the SBS Podcast with Ryan & Jer involving alternative-folk band Pinto & The Bean – this man in review today is doing something quite different from what they’re all about musically – so be ready! Today

Age Of Man – About Time

Album Review

Age Of Man – About Time – Album Review Taking us for a trip through electric-rock…and through their own catalogue as the revitalise and come out swinging with the updated production on the tunes from their Ebeneezer EP, released back in 2013. What a trip to be able to hear these tunes again with the

RhythmRug – “The Giver”

Single Review

RhythmRug – “The Giver” – Single Review Quite possibly running away with the award for ‘least offensive’ track you’ll hear in 2015, RhythmRug has released “The Giver” out into the world for your awaiting minds & listening ears. Loaded with courageous social-commentary and a strong personal point of view – this new single is one

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