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Birds Over Arkansas – Behind The Lights

EP Review

Birds Over Arkansas – Behind The Lights – EP Review Love this. Absolutely love it. Whoever sent this our way gets a gold-freakin-star from me. Throughout my life I’ve never really enjoyed birds of any kind really…until recently. Last year I finally latched onto the Birds Of Tokyo, and this year it looks like we…

Milian – “Stop Me”

Single Review

Milian – “Stop Me” – Single Review I’d have to assume that what I’m hearing in the latest single from Milian is based on his real-life experiences and direction he wants to take his music and career. There are a lot of memorable quotes that you’ll find in this new track “Stop Me,” which again,…

Metro Expo – Metro Expo 1

Album Review

Metro Expo – Metro Expo 1 – Album Review Welcome to the mind of Fred Marcoty; a place where everything and nothing is as it seems. I’ve gotta say…it’s a little insane in here, but MAN is it cool to hang out in! Making music as Metro Expo, he’s put the finishing touches on this…

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