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 Don Pasquale Ferone

Don Pasquale Ferone Interview

SBS:  Alright Don, welcome to our corner of the internet once again!  You’re coming to our Canadian-based pages from halfway across the world over there in Italy as far as I know, which is amazing!  Let’s get everyone on the same page to start…you’re a pastor, but you also make music – how did that come about?  How do both of these aspects of music and religion complement each other in your life/career?

Don:  Hello, sure… I taught myself to play guitar when I was 15 and then I started composing Christian music from 2017; for me it is important to evangelize not only with words but also with music because it is very important to reach all people through a universal language such as that of music; obviously, all of this reconciles very well with my mission as a priest.

SBS:  I suppose I should ask about the English factor.  So far, I’ve really only heard from you in Italian, and you’ve only heard from me in English…so I’m assuming we both have a good grip on how to use Google translate or an interview like this might not even be possible!  Are you fluent at all in English or any other language though?  How difficult does it seem to be to break through to a global audience?  Would you say it’s more difficult for music in other languages to make an impression on the English-speaking listeners – or does every kind of music have a legitimate shot to make an impact on us all?

Don:  Unfortunately I don’t know the English language well, only a few words at school level, in fact I often use google translate; it is very difficult for me to break through to a worldwide audience, even if I must say that my intention is to spread my music as much as possible so that many people can sing it or just listen to it with serenity; I also think that Italian-language songs listened to by people who speak English can still be liked, even if only for the rhythm and sonority of the piece of music.

SBS:  Let’s assume that people have a tougher time listening to music in any language that’s outside of the one they speak.  What do you want people to hear in the songs you create?  If music is truly the universal language we all share together, what would you want to communicate through your songs?

Don:  I would really like people to listen to my songs because they appreciate the style and the fact that many of my songs are homemade.

SBS:  When I first crossed paths with you my friend, you were promoting music from your album CERTEZZA – what can you tell us about the making of your debut record released back in 2017?  What memories do you have from the recording of it…what did you learn from the making of CERTEZZA?

Don:  It was my first music album and it was certainly a great emotion but also a great challenge…I didn’t know how to handle the situation well because it was the first time, but then I realized that mine wasn’t a high aspiration, but just a hobby to cultivate and communicate.

SBS:  There is a very hopeful & uplifting spirit within the music you make Don.  Is that all a reflection of your religious faith – or do you find that there are other influences on what inspires you to write songs?

Don:  Mine is a purely religious inspiration which however has reflections in everyone’s daily life, because in my songs I also sing universal values ​​such as peace and love.

SBS:  Do you ever take the opportunity to play your music for your congregation?  Why, or why not?

Don:  I don’t really do it for my congregation but I broadcast it online to everyone who wants to listen to it, it’s very important, as I said before, that my music reaches everyone.

SBS:  What can you tell us about the music you’ve made after CERTEZZA?  You’ve got a handful of singles released over the past couple years like “Come Ombra,” “Il Creato,” and more recently, “Fedeltà – how do you feel like your songs have grown, or your craft has been refined since you began to make music?

Don:  Undoubtedly creating new pieces of music is good training, because I discover different styles and sounds that help me grow and I must say that many of my latest songs are the result of training and research for different meanings compared to the first songs of a few years ago; I also realized that more people might like my unplugged songs because today simple and ordinary songs have become extraordinary, since almost everyone is looking for more complex and extraordinary songs; therefore, my musical ordinariness can easily become extraordinary.

SBS:  Is there a particular song in your catalog so far that you feel represents who you are as a person more than the rest?  Like, if someone came up to you and said they only had time to listen to one song by Don Pasquale Ferone…which one would you choose, and why?  What is it about that one particular song that you feel would tell listeners more about the man behind the music than the others might?

Don:  There are several…. Definitely ‘Presence’, ‘Open your heart’, ‘Perseverance’ in particular, because it is an invitation to never give up, even in difficulties you need to have the strength and courage to live your life with perseverance, in love and joy; but obviously, as I told you, there are many songs that distinguish me.

SBS:  What does the future look like for your music Don?  Are you currently working on new songs or towards a new album?  What can we expect to find coming out from you over the course of this year?

Don:  I can say that this year there will certainly be some new pieces of music but I must also say that I am always waiting for inspiration from Above… So let’s wait for inspiration…

SBS:  What would you say is the most important ingredient that you add to any song you write?  What does a Don Pasquale Ferone song have to have in order for you to be proud of it and want to release it?

Don:  The text, but also the instrumental part, so that it can attract and delight the listeners; also the ease of memorizing it to sing it when you want.

SBS:  What is something you can tell us about your music that we wouldn’t know just by listening to it?

Don:  My music of Christian inspiration is created to be able to easily reach everyone, with the hope that every person can experience, through my music, the joy, peace and love that only the Lord, who is Eternal, can give to each of us; my music is in favor of the cause of evangelism and peace.

SBS:  You’ve made it to the end my friend – thank you so much for your time and your answers Don!  It’s truly been a pleasure to speak with you from so far away, and I genuinely appreciate it.  We always invite our guests to say anything else they’d like to at the very end of these interviews we create, because no single interview will ever cover everything!  So we leave you to fill in the blanks with anything else you would have wanted to say to the people out there.  We call it the ‘SBS Open Floor’ – and we pass it on to you now – thank you again Don – all the best to you this year – the floor is yours!

Don:  Thanks to all of you who give me the opportunity to share my thoughts on Christian inspired music; I am really happy to have answered your questions and I hope that my interview can be of use to many people who are in need to encourage them never to give up and to continue to have Faith and Love, because only in this way can the world become a little more human and serene; meanwhile if anyone wants to listen to my music, here is the link where they can choose their favorite digital platform:  Thanks again to all of you and may the Lord keep you…

***interview translated from Don Pasquale Ferone’s original Italian answers

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