WALL OF FAME: Best New Sound of 2021 – Polyphonic Exophilia

 WALL OF FAME: Best New Sound of 2021 – Polyphonic Exophilia

Never underestimate the power of the EP!

This Cosmic Funk/Progressive Jazz band based out of Norway proved just how mighty an EP can be this year, going up against nine other incredible acts in our top 10 that had all put out full records in 2021 for our annual quest/reader-vote for the SBS Best New Sound.  And while it’s certainly true that a four-track EP put them onto our list last year, with Polyphonic Exophilia’s Vol. 3 EP – when it comes to just how much music they dropped online throughout 2021, believe us – the PPXP collective was easily among the most active new projects on the scene altogether.  With four volumes of their EP series technically all released within their debut year, multiple collaborations, singles, remixes, acoustic cuts & more – they ended up putting out a ton of music in total and made a massive impression each time we had a chance to listen.  Whether it was the instrumental grooves they created, or the inventive instrumentation, the unpredictable twists & turns they created throughout their growing catalog, or the clever way they included multiple artists into the mix throughout 2021 – Polyphonic Exophilia ended up revealing an exciting new sound that was immediately addictive.  In fact, voted by YOU, as our BEST one of the year – with a total of 46% of the final count, PPXP’s fans came out in droves; after a first day of voting, there was a bit of back & forth & shuffling in the standings…but by day two, they essentially had our contest wrapped up tight despite the many efforts made by sincere fans for all our amazing nominees.  As we always say – there can only be ONE – and once again, you’ve spoken loud & clear here at our pages, in favor of music that’s genuinely unique to the nth degree, and wildly fun to listen to.  PPXP’s Vol. 3 EP was a fantastic overall representation of their colorful & dynamic sound, and the hybrid vibes they create – and without a doubt, included some of the very best that this collective of talent had to offer throughout an incredibly impressive debut year filled with their delightfully quirky personality, boldly creative tunes, and the radiant enthusiasm continually surrounding them.  Join us in celebration, and congratulate our new champion – your official Best New Sound of 2021 – Polyphonic Exophilia!

Find out more about Polyphonic Exophilia at their official website at:  https://ppxp.no




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