Thy Veils – “Here We Are Sidereal”

 Thy Veils – “Here We Are Sidereal”

Thy Veils – “Here We Are Sidereal” – Single Review

I tell ya…I always end up learning something new through the music of Thy Veils, or being introduced to some niche aspect of culture I’d never know about, or having my mind blown by the uniqueness found inside this Daniel Dorobantu-led project…and more often than not, it’s all three of those things at the same time.  Like, in the case of this particular single, I had no freakin’ clue about what ‘Galactic Tick Day’ was – is this something everyone has known about for years and I’m the last one to find out about it?

I’m told by the press release that came with this song that “most people have a good sense of the motion of our solar system because it is a fundamental part of our lives.”  Is that true?  I clearly ain’t “most people” if that’s really the case…there isn’t a thing I can do to affect “the motion of our solar system” whatsoever, unless you wanna get metaphorical about it, so believe me when I tell ya, the thought of what it’s doing or what’s out there beyond what I can physically see isn’t something I tend to think about even monthly.  I get up, I put socks on my feet, and I basically float through another day, existing but unaware.  But hey man, I’ve got nothing against an extra celebration on this planet we’re on, so if Galactic Tick Day gives you an extra reason to party, then I’m all for it – have yourself a great time!  “The first observance of the holiday was on 29 September 2016, the 235th Galactic Tick Day,” after “the first Galactic Tick Day took place one galactic tick after Hans Lippershey filed the patent for the telescope on 2 October 1608.”  So…while it might have been a fairly new holiday in terms of it being universally recognized, the history of it traces back an impressive four hundred & sixteen freakin’ YEARS!  It never ceases to amaze me how much we can learn about things that have been going on for so long.  You’d think I’d have heard of Galactic Tick Day at some point by now…but in my defense, as I remind you all the time, the only thing I know anything about is music.  Beyond that, I am way dumb & uninformed.

So let’s get me back into my lane where I belong.  Thy Veils is an artistically-based project that has tied together a variety of mediums over the course of its existence, which I believe technically started way back in 1995 if I’ve got all my details correct.  When it comes to “Here We Are Sidereal,” you’ve got a collective of artists coming together to dance and sing, pairing a sensational ethereal, Trip-Hop vibe with a visually stunning atmosphere from sight to sound.  I absolutely LOVE what I’m hearing every bit as much as I dig what I’m seeing.  The music of “Here We Are Sidereal” is audible perfection, and the vocals are nothing short of award-worthy stuff…which in some respects, is no massive surprise given the profound level of irresistible art that Thy Veils has been creating for years and years now.  I’ve only been listening since around the middle of 2022 personally, but each & every time something new has popped into my inbox and onto my playlists over here, Thy Veils has revealed something unique & extraordinary.  “Here We Are Sidereal” is no exception to that standard, and once again highlights the multiple artistic dimensions that are a part of this incredible project.  The vocals from Alira Mun are straight-up outstanding and a completely perfect fit into this single…full of beauty, grace, and ultra-angelic tone.  The definition of the electronic-based music of Dorobantu is as robust, bold, and lively as ever – and you can see how the effect of what we hear plays such a significant role in the video that comes along with it – this is music designed with the depths and dynamics it takes to truly make you move, and through the dancers we see…Alexandra Girbea, Denisa Coropca, Diana Abdo, Andra Cara, Sara Ghilezan, Miruna Herec, Andreea Irksousi, Mohamed Irksousi, Andrei Lazar, Marin Lupanciuc, and Sebastian Teodorovici…the vibe clearly has an otherworldly effect in that regard!  From traditional moves to interpretive dance, the sound of “Here We Are Sidereal” is flowing through the bodies we see…the lighting is freakin’ fantastic, the video elements alongside them onstage are supremely cool to see…I mean…if this is what Galactic Tick Day is all about, you can certainly count me in!  A celebration of freedom, dance, music, fun, and above all things, ART…like…what’s not to love about this?  The video is shot brilliantly and it’s a great support to what’s sincerely an amazing song.  It’s hard to separate one from the other, and I doubt that Thy Veils would want you to…it’s a conceptual idea that expands from what we hear into what we see, and entirely meant to flow together as one.  It’s a mission completely accomplished if you ask me – I never doubt Thy Veils, ever, but it’s equally amazing how many times this project seems to be able to leave me completely in awe over what it comes up with.  “Here We Are Sidereal” is another visual and audible triumph to add to its growing catalog of spellbinding art.

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