Thy Veils – “Upstream”

 Thy Veils – “Upstream”

Thy Veils – “Upstream” – Single Review

Hopefully…with the degree of my ranting and raving about Thy Veils last year while reviewing singles like “Influx” and “Lina Luna,” there are at least a few more of ya out there familiar with the name of this stunningly innovative Electro art-music project.  In the event that the name Thy Veils has escaped you somehow this far, make sure to get caught up because you’re only doing yourself a disservice if you haven’t been listening to the incredible music being made in this band.  Based out of Romania, led by producer Daniel Dorobantu (Keys, Electronics, Lyrics, Visuals, Composition) – Thy Veils has returned to start the year with the atmospherically-inclined new single called “Upstream,” featuring the enigmatic talents of singer Alira Mun, with Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. (Bass, Backing Vocals, Composition), Petre Ionutescu (Trumpet, Composition), and skills of Attila Lukinich at the helm of its mixing and mastering.

So…let’s see here, let’s see…what do I wanna tell ya about “Upstream” dear readers, dear friends?  I think that a couple things can be true when it comes to this particular single.  On a conceptual level, there’s no doubt about the brilliance in what “Upstream” is all about, which is essentially reaching a higher plane of existence that is beyond ourselves, yet exactly who we’ve always been meant to be.  That definitely checks out…it’s definitely an intellectual cut in that aspect, and the clues to its concept are fairly sparing in the lyricism…but combined with the spiritualized feeling you get in listening to this song, and its explanations online, I feel like there’s a good chance that most people will get what Thy Veils is going for here thematically.  On a technical level…professionalism and proficiency and passion & all that wonderful stuff that makes this song sound so spectacular – it’s staggeringly good.  As I’ve been yellin’ from the rooftops way over here on our Canadian-based pages for the better part of a year since I first started listening to this collective of superhuman celestials myself, you really won’t find any artist, band, or project out there that is as focused as Thy Veils is, or one that generates such impressively well-rounded results every time you push play on their music.  Nothing is ever left out, and there is simply no name I could point to in any corner of the scene that could compete with the attention to detail here.

Quite frankly, when you’re as exceptional as Thy Veils genuinely IS, the reality becomes that they’re only competing with themselves.  You’re not going to find me declaring any aspect of “Upstream” to be insufficient or lacking anything that’s key to this band’s unique artistic integrity.  The sound is exquisite, the production from Daniel is powerful, the soulful sound of Alira’s vocals is moving to the nth degree, the vibe of Petre’s trumpet is immaculate, Mircea’s bass is perfection…like I’ve been saying – there’s no doubt whatsoever of its flawless composition & professional execution – you couldn’t ask for anything more than what you’ll hear in that regard.  The most you’re going to find me conceding to you, is that of the three songs that have appeared on our pages from Thy Veils to-date, “Upstream” would likely be the most noticeably similar to other tunes you’ve heard throughout the scene as opposed to the undeniable uniqueness we had experienced with the tremendously adventurous and inventive sounds of “Influx” and “Lina Luna” from last year.  Believe me when I tell ya, if that sounds like it’s a complaint, I assure you that it’s not – there’s a ton to be said for achieving perfection, even if it seems or sounds closer to something you’ve heard in the vast array of music’s history.  Making a track like “Upstream” as flawless as it sounds would be no small task or easy achievement – it takes incredible skills, remarkable talents, and musical minds that are essentially unlike any other to accomplish something anywhere close to what you’ll hear in this tune.  In the end, “Upstream” sounds amazing, and you can genuinely feel it – I’d never ask for anything more than that.

For myself personally, a song like “Upstream” becomes a very close cousin to that feeling you get when you listen to the brilliance of Massive Attack’s 100th Window album…this single by Thy Veils is equally haunting, mysterious, angelic, beautiful, captivatingly soulful, compellingly crafted, and slow-burning.  The balance to be found from all aspects of the music is impeccable and truly faultless – though I’m very much inclined to say that for me, it was likely Alira’s spellbinding vocals that tended to be the main star of the show this time around.  That being said, every time I felt that way, I’d circle back to how outstanding the bass was, or how crucial the trumpet was to this tune & the incredible way it floats with such range from the surface, straight into the distance of the background.  Piece by piece, I’d have to acknowledge the brilliance of the mix, the remarkable attention to detail, the awe-inspiring dedication in the production all over again…because like I’ve been tellin’ ya, nothing gets overlooked in Thy Veils.

So you got it folks, “Upstream” gets another enthusiastic thumbs-up from me…I’d listen to literally anything by Thy Veils and this single is simply more confirmation of the greatness this project contains in its players and content.  From the sensationally artistic depths of their sonic DNA, to the undeniably moving way the music flows straight from your speakers and into your soul – “Upstream” proves Thy Veils is truly essential listening.

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