Thy Veils – “Influx”

 Thy Veils – “Influx”

Thy Veils – “Influx” – Single Review

Ayyyy this is always a treat for the ears – it’s our favorite project based out of Romania, Thy Veils!

While, sure, it’s fair to say that we don’t get a ton of competition for that top spot with respect to where this Daniel Dorobantu-led project comes from in the world, as we don’t typically get a whole bunch of submissions to our Canadian pages all the way from Romania – I have the feeling Thy Veils would still be among my favorites even if we did.  How could they not be?  The stunning artistic depth in this band is practically unparalleled by anyone, as they proved earlier on this year when I was reviewing their single “Lina Luna.”  This brand-new cut called “Influx” is equally exceptional at the very least, and perhaps even another step further into the blissful beyond…the unknown exploratory realm where art becomes audible.  There’s absolutely nothing about “Influx” that I don’t love – this is a fully awe-inspiring single.

I mean…that snare sound alone should have you engaged instantly…it’s freakin’ incredible.  Then you consider all the otherworldly elements in the mix of synths and the tightness of Dorobantu’s production…how dynamic everything is, and how brilliantly this moves from the lefts to the rights…that’s another solid checkmark in the WIN column for Thy Veils.  And if it was just that alone, believe me, “Influx” would still have you paying your complete & total, undivided attention – but as they say, WAIT – there’s MORE!

Because we haven’t even talked about how AMAZING the bass-lines of Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. are yet – and lemme tell ya folks, this dude JAMS.  The tone, feel, and technique of the way he plays…honestly, it should blow your mind.  If it doesn’t, you should probably get checked out by a doctor quick, because you’re probably part of the walking dead.  With all the atmospheric elements and the insatiably stellar beat driving this song, any time that Mircea flairs up and starts layin’ down the bass-lines at full speed & strength, you can’t help but notice the remarkable contribution he makes…the way he plays is nothing short of straight-up incredible, and what he’s come up with is a perfect complement to this whole vibe.

I’m not done yet though y’all – and neither is Thy Veils.  We STILL haven’t even mentioned what is probably the NUMBER ONE draw beyond all things about “Influx” – which is their true ace in the hole this time around…the spectacular vocals of Maria Hojda.  I have heard some outstanding voices in my lifetime y’all…and you can see how many records I’ve listened to & reviews I’ve written on these pages of ours right there on the main page of this very website…and I feel like I’m completely lost for words in trying to explain just how magnificent Maria’s voice genuinely IS.  This lady is a pure REVELATION on the microphone dear readers, dear friends…she’s enchanting, mesmerizing, hypnotic, stunningly beautiful, and boldly powerful.  The best way I can describe it, is that with all the remarkable precision you’ll find in the musicianship surrounding her…all that amazing technique in the instrumentation & digital sound you’ll discover…think of it this way – she had to be completely NEXT-LEVEL if she was going to stand out at all, know what I mean?  I don’t know how she did it, but that’s exactly what you get here in her vocals – Maria is on a whole other planet and plane of existence that makes the rest of us mere mortals pale in comparison y’all – THAT is how next-level she is on “Influx.”  This is the kind of single that, if you’re not taking a moment RIGHT NOW to click PLAY like you should be, you’re only doing yourself a disservice.  And you deserve better than that…so treat yourself…do the right thing, and turn this song up as loud as your system will carry it & send this song straight into the cosmos with the volume – you won’t regret it.

As far as I’ve read, this display of audible art is not only a unique call for unity on a cosmic level and a spiritualized ode to our collective consciousness, it’s also part of Thy Veils’ upcoming record called Next Forever, coming soon.  When is soon, you ask?  Good question!  After listening to “Influx,” all I can tell ya is it ain’t gonna be soon enough for ME y’all…I want so much MORE of this, and as quickly as I can get it.  That being said…quality like this takes time – and if this is the level that Thy Veils is making music at, then I am definitely not going to be the dude that tries to shake up their creative process.  Clearly whatever they’re doing is working flawlessly…Thy Veils ain’t just one of the best projects/bands to come out of Romania, they’re absolutely one of the best you’ll find in any genre or corner of the scene today.

The more I listened to “Influx,” the more I felt like I was convinced it was gonna be the LAST song I’d ever need to hear in this lifetime, you feel me?  Like I should retire right now while I’m ahead!  Is there going to be a song I’m gonna like better than this one day?  MAYBE.  The only reason I’m really even all that confident in saying that is because I have an undying faith in this independent music-scene we share and the exceptional creativity within it…and also because I know that new album by Thy Veils is coming soon.  “Influx” ain’t just good y’all – this song is straight up SPECIAL on every conceivable level, an achievement for ART, and a massive WIN from start to finish not only for them, but for you listening too.  There’s not a doubt in my mind that Thy Veils have got one of the best tracks of 2022 with “Influx.”

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