Thy Veils – “Lina Luna”

 Thy Veils – “Lina Luna”

Thy Veils – “Lina Luna” – Single Review

Now this right here is pretty much the kind of find that gets me out of bed in the morning each day, hoping I’ll discover.  Meet Thy Veils, based out of Timisoara, Romania – they’re a project that possesses the true magic of music and an aura all their own.  Built on colorful, exploratory, and highly expressive vibes – this single “Lina Luna” was a refreshing dose of artistic creativity that came along right when I felt like I needed it most.  Don’t get me wrong…I listen to a whole lot of great music, every single day – but it’s still great music that tends to be…well…fairly normal really.  It’s bands like Thy Veils that clearly exist to do things differently than the rest are doing that I always hope to cross paths with, but are far more rare to find.  It’s tracks like “Lina Luna” that are filled with the real wonder of sound in all its glory.

This IS different, and in all the right ways.  From what appears to be a futuristic, space-like melody at its core…at least at first – you’ll find that “Lina Luna” goes on to reveal a nearly tribal-esque chanting that seems to tie this song into the past, long before we could ever even talk as human beings – and then of course, you’ve got the extra addition of ambient brilliance layered into the music you’ll hear as well.  In short, it’s nothing but an incredible combination of juxtaposed sounds that should almost be the polar opposites of each other in many ways, yet here on “Lina Luna,” are as harmonious as could possibly be.  Their mix of mystery and melody as one on this single simply makes you feel like they know something about the entire universe that the rest of us humans aren’t yet privy to; like Thy Veils knows our secrets.

From what I’ve gathered & what I understand, Thy Veils has been in action in some way, shape, or form throughout the past twenty-plus years; approximately since 1995 if I’m reading all this information right.  All in the name of genuinely pursuing art in a variety of ways from sight to sound, Thy Veils is centered around the visionary mind of its original creator, Daniel Dorobantu, and this particular single “Lina Luna” is one of the advance singles from the upcoming album called Next Forever.  To say I’ve been stunned by what I’ve heard in this song – and seen in the interstellar journey of the visuals for the video they’ve created – would put me in the running for the understatement of the year…I’m in LOVE with music like this!  Profoundly conceptual, brilliantly artistic, and undeniably entertaining from what we see to what we hear – “Lina Luna” is the kind of audible odyssey I wish there were more people capable of creating.  The reality is, minds for what music can be as an immersive experience, like Daniel has, are so extremely hard to find that it’d be impossible not to celebrate discovering someone with his level of pure talent.  He does what he does for the love of the craft and the true desire to make compelling art that makes us think and stirs our soul – and there’s no way to listen to “Lina Luna” and come to any other conclusion than ‘mission accomplished.’  You don’t go into making a song like this expecting to be the next Top-40 hit – you make songs like this…experiences like these…100% because you love the art of making music.  Not every tune we’re ever going to hear is the kind you’d find on the radio and want to sing along with – some of the very best stuff we’ll ever have the opportunity & honor to listen to is compelling, engaging, and outright fascinating like “Lina Luna” is…designed to unite your entire mind, body and soul, together.

With the extraordinary sound of singer Maria Hojda’s superhuman vocals guiding you towards the light, “Lina Luna” becomes a moment in time you’ll never forget…like hearing music that’s always been a part of you somehow, just waiting for the opportunity and chance to reconnect.  The DETAILS in this song, from the concept to the production/execution…should leave you speechless y’all…”Lina Luna” is second to none when it comes to the captivating nature of sound in the ambient realm – I truly cannot say enough about it.  Magnificent, awe-inspiring, unique, and powerfully artistic – songs like “Lina Luna” and what Thy Veils creates is sincerely important, not only for our own enjoyment & spiritual healing, but to our overall evolution as well.

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