Sean Shiff – “Learn New Tricks”

Sean Shiff – “Learn New Tricks” – Single Review Alrighty…let’s see where I’m at with this latest single from Sean Shiff… I suppose the first thing that struck me was that it’s about the least recognizable of his tunes that I’ve personally heard to-date, and ultimately, after about four years of listening, that’s probably a […]Read More

Sean Shiff – “Ten Below” Feat. JoyAnn Parker

Sean Shiff – “Ten Below” Feat. JoyAnn Parker – Single Review I’ve always felt like a lot of the whole life experience is completely relative.  Like, for example…whatever your maximum level of stress is, from whatever causes it, would be the same as my own maximum, no matter what it is that might cause my […]Read More

Sean Shiff – “If You Wanna Be Free”

Sean Shiff – “If You Wanna Be Free” – Single Review Interesting tune!  Sean’s catalog is full of’em I tell ya. That being said…I don’t know if there is actually anyone out there that has heard as many pandemic-related tunes as I have over these past three years and I am heckin’ burned out on’em…ain’t […]Read More

Sean Shiff – “Together”

Sean Shiff – “Together” – Single Review We’re heading towards four years of checkin’ out this man’s music as these seasons start to change here in 2022…Sean Shiff’s always been a reliable songwriter out there in this scene of ours we share together.  Quaint & pleasant…warm & inviting…storyteller-type tunes…you’d hear words like these thrown around […]Read More

Sean Shiff – “An Old Familiar Tune”

Sean Shiff – “An Old Familiar Tune” – Single Review It IS “kind of like an old familiar tune” Mr. Shiff – but ultimately, I think that works well in your favor, sir. There aren’t too many folks out there I’d recommend stick with quite such a similar sound & style of writing throughout the […]Read More

Sean Shiff – “Across The Street”

Sean Shiff – “Across The Street” – Single Review You’d really have to have the hardest of hearts not to like Sean Shiff & his music.  I’m still taking a lot of these tunes in myself, having only known about the man for a couple years or so through reviews on his previous singles like […]Read More

Sean Shiff – “Standing On My Feet”

Sean Shiff – “Standing On My Feet” – Single Review According to legend…or at the very least, these notes I’ve got here in front of me…Sean Shiff got this gem recorded just prior to the world grinding to a halt via the current pandemic we’re still all stuck in.  Playing the roles of songwriter & […]Read More

Sean Shiff – “That’s Just Fine”

Sean Shiff – “That’s Just Fine” – Single Review This singer/songwriter definitely has a way with words. Sean Shiff has written an important track with this single called “That’s Just Fine” – this is some of that good life-imitates-art-and-art-imitates-life type-stuff.  And considering everything that’s gone on down south over the past 24 hours in the […]Read More