Sean Shiff – “Across The Street”

Sean Shiff – “Across The Street” – Single Review You’d really have to have the hardest of hearts not to like Sean Shiff & his music.  I’m still taking a lot of these tunes in myself, having only known about the man for a couple years or so through reviews on his previous singles like […]Read More

Sean Shiff – “Standing On My Feet”

Sean Shiff – “Standing On My Feet” – Single Review According to legend…or at the very least, these notes I’ve got here in front of me…Sean Shiff got this gem recorded just prior to the world grinding to a halt via the current pandemic we’re still all stuck in.  Playing the roles of songwriter & […]Read More

Sean Shiff – “That’s Just Fine”

Sean Shiff – “That’s Just Fine” – Single Review This singer/songwriter definitely has a way with words. Sean Shiff has written an important track with this single called “That’s Just Fine” – this is some of that good life-imitates-art-and-art-imitates-life type-stuff.  And considering everything that’s gone on down south over the past 24 hours in the […]Read More

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