Matt Byron – “I Can’t Lie”

Matt Byron – “I Can’t Lie” – Single Review Fuck crypto currency, life shit, and anything else that’s been keepin’ this dude from makin’ his music like he should be…it’s been far too long since Matt Byron’s been in action.  Last time we had the man on our pages was just short of FIVE years […]Read More

Nomad Scorpio – Victims & Vandals

Nomad Scorpio – Victims & Vandals – EP Review THAT…is one hell of a first impression.  A debut EP from Nomad Scorpio, on a brand-new label called Stereo Era Records, run by Matt Byron, whom you’ve seen here on our shows & pages in the past – I mean…that’s a lot of NEWNESS going on, […]Read More

SBS Podcast 059

Killer cuts on this episode of the SBS Podcast! We’ll give ya some Funk, some Rap, some Electro-Pop, some Psychedelic – and we’ll head right into the bizarre & beautiful in all its independent music-scene glory. New cuts from B.U.D. & Cash Gordon, Neon Radiation, Victoria Celestine, RaR Feat. J. Burney – classics tracks from […]Read More

SBS Podcast 051

Catch a killer new episode with a ton of new & great music from out there in the independent music-scene! Includes new tunes from Soldier Rye, Astronomique, Ultratone, Kasai, and a spotlight on the new Dark Room EP from Plike – plus bonus cuts and Podcast classics from LoFi Chill, Western Estates, Porcelain People, and […]Read More

Matt Byron – “Fight Song”

Matt Byron – “Fight Song” – Single Review Full disclosure…if you were to look at my personal Facebook wall full of friends, you’d find Matt Byron on it.  I’ve been a fan of his music since reviewing it for the first time way-back-when…but beyond that, he’s proven to be an ally in so much more […]Read More

Bass4Night – “If I Stay” Feat. Marie Louise & Matt

Bass4Night – “If I Stay” Feat. Marie Louise & Matt Byron – Single Review Lots going on here for sure!  A collaboration between indie-artists…so many of them you can find them in every corner of your stereo & speakers as “If I Stay” begins.  As far as I understand it, Bass4Night is a relatively new […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 050

New Music & Videos From: EarDrumCandy, Matt Byron, Pawzilla, Animation1000, The Sunless Sea, David Devereux, Once More, Autumn, Whiskey Kings and Atomm -X-! Spotlight shining on the music of Endsightt – check it out!Read More

SBS Podcast 005

Today we get right into the benefits of being a kickass person & humble musician!  Featuring in-depth talks on the new music from alternative-rock band Between The Void and singer/songwriter Erik Odsell – and rounding it all out with incredible music from other great independent artists & bands like Justin Llamas, Jack Alacka, Michael Reddington […]Read More

Matt Byron – “One More Time”

Matt Byron – “One More Time” – Single Review Sometime nearly a year ago, we got ourselves exposed to the music of Matt Byron for the very first time when reviewing his EP Next Time I’ll Know…and if there’s something that can always bring a smile to my bearded-face, it’s an artist coming back to […]Read More

Matt Byron – Next Time I’ll Know

Matt Byron – Next Time I’ll Know – EP Review The opening track of Matt Byron’s new EP Next Time I’ll Know, “Sleep & Dream Of Monsters,” reminded me instantly of the hearing the debut album from Orgy…somewhat of the lo-fi Nine Inch Nails as well opening into Pretty Hate Machine back in the day. […]Read More