SBS Podcast 059

 SBS Podcast 059

Killer cuts on this episode of the SBS Podcast! We’ll give ya some Funk, some Rap, some Electro-Pop, some Psychedelic – and we’ll head right into the bizarre & beautiful in all its independent music-scene glory. New cuts from B.U.D. & Cash Gordon, Neon Radiation, Victoria Celestine, RaR Feat. J. Burney – classics tracks from the past from Cosmonaut Radio, John Clark, and Bass4Night Feat. Marie Louise & Matt Byron – and spotlights on the new music out there from J.Asadi and Christian Farrar! Don’t miss out – click play & turn this up!


Your official show lineup includes:

Cosmonaut Radio – “Counting Down”

J.Asadi – “Keep Rollin’ (Dark Mafia Anthem)”

B.U.D. & Cash Gordon – “Deep Cuts”

Christian Farrar – “Stop Being Preachy Bro”

John Clark – “Relax”

Neon Radiation – “Underdog (NITZ Remix)”

Lee Perreira – “Born In Da LBC”

RaR – “Worried About You” Feat. J. Burney

Victoria Celestine – “Alive”

Bass4Night – “If I Stay” Feat. Marie Louise & Matt Byron

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