Kenny Fame – “Louise”

Kenny Fame – “Louise” – Single Review Fame is back in the game with a brand-new single called “Louise” – can you believe it’s been over a year and a half since we last had him on the page?  For a while there over the course of a couple years, it seemed like it was […]Read More

Kenny Fame – Who Am I

Kenny Fame – Who Am I – Album Review I mean…if the album title is suggesting that he’s currently soliciting theories, I’m certainly will to offer ours!  Who Am I?, asks the star performer in question…and for us here at the page, that’s a pretty easy answer really; as this is our SIXTH review on […]Read More

Kenny Fame – Goodbye…

Kenny Fame – Goodbye… – EP Review Kenny Fame! WHAT sir…is your excuse? I have been expecting you since the moment the clocks & calendars turned over to 2016…like, 12:01 new Kenny Fame instantly kinda-thing…you’re LATE Kenny! For those of you that aren’t familiar with our consistent reviews on this one-man-music-factory…you’ll have to catch-up quickly…there’s […]Read More

Kenny Fame – “Goodbye…”

Kenny Fame – “Goodbye…” – Single Review Here we go! I tell you…if this guy continues to keep on writing and recording, we’re eventually just going to have to change our slogan from ‘we bring your music to life’ to ‘yet another home for Kenny Fame!’ on our main page! Many of you will be […]Read More

Kenny Fame – Pompadour

Kenny Fame – Pompadour – EP Review Kenny…you’re a heartbreaker man. You know I’ve been honest with you from day one when we’ve reviewed your music in the past…and you know there have been ups and downs through our expressed opinion on the previous records. You know I’ve been in your corner, as a guy […]Read More

Kenny Fame – Soul Of A Man

Kenny Fame – Soul Of A Man – EP Review I cannot tell you any lies dear readers…when I saw the name Kenny Fame pop up into my inbox…I was honestly a little surprised! In retrospect, maybe I shouldn’t have been; the number one attribute in Kenny Fame is his willingness to develop, refine and […]Read More

Kenny Fame – Fame Whore

Kenny Fame – Fame Whore – Album Review Interesting…I can sense ‘the machine’ at work somewhere here… Kenny Fame seems like a good guy. Most of the songs you’ll find on Fame Whore seem to come through in such a way that it points to the sincerity of a real person. You take all the […]Read More