SBS Podcast 145

 SBS Podcast 145

You know what it is!

We’ve got a whole lineup of songs completely new to the show – it’s Proof Of Purchase! Vol. 18 on the SBS Podcast, where we’ll be unlocking the vault from back in October of last year, when we went on a rampage at the Bandcamp Friday special and harvested a whole bunch of new tunes.  Come check out what we bought and have a listen – you’re gonna love it!  Along the way, we’ll be keepin’ ya current by mixing in some new music spotlights & fillin’ ya in on what’s happening with Ladi Sacred, Kyle Burnett, Jacob Chacko – AND – we’ll be playing the brand-new single “Pyre” by Radio Mafia on the show today before it’s even OUT online!  You don’t wanna miss out on this episode – so don’t let that happen!!!  We’ll also be featuring music by Tough On Fridays, Plike, Steven Dunn, Hochen, Eon MC Etc. & Alkaline23, Nova Cascade, Mad Lollypop, Shagpile, and Galliano Sommavilla – we are stocked, loaded, and ready to roll with all kinds of audible entertainment from every corner of the scene – it’s that time y’all – tune in & turn up for the SBS Podcast!


Your official show lineup includes:

Hochen – “Like Mother”

Radio Mafia – “Pyre”

Tough On Fridays – “October First”

Mad Lollypop – “One For The Road”

Jacob Chacko – “Good Moment”

Steven Dunn – “Lord, If You’re Willing” / “Ration My Breath” / “Summertime”

Kyle Burnett – “Harper Lee” Feat. Alaina Joleen, Angelo Gonzalez, and Leona Bornemann

Shagpile – “Senses”

Nova Cascade – “Continuum”

Galliano Sommavilla – “Another World”

Plike – “Emma” / “Diffidence” / “In Absentia”

Eon MC Etc. & Alkaline 23 – “Dream Girl”

Ladi Sacred – “Why Lie?”

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