Galliano Sommavilla – “When I Wake Up”

 Galliano Sommavilla – “When I Wake Up”

Galliano Sommavilla – “When I Wake Up” – Single Review

Why do we fall, Bruce?

And you super-fans all know how the rest of the story goes from there.

I think a lot of creative-types and artists out there tend to get bent outta shape when they lose their mojo for a minute or two, not realizing how entirely natural it is.  Not only is it normal to begin with, but if you consider how much life gets in the way regularly, or how crazy things got during the course of a worldwide pandemic & such…I dunno…my advice would be to not be too hard on yourselves if you feel like you need a break from whatever it is you do, and/or not to feel guilty if inspiration seems like it has packed up and left.  It’ll come back to ya if it’s meant to be; you know it always has…and it always will.

I also think that a lot of the greatest artists and bands out there will tell you that a break is NECESSARY.  Whether it’s forced, whether it’s self-imposed exile, or otherwise – embrace it, and enjoy the time off as best you can.  Do something you’ve never done before.  Build something.  Create something.  Play.  Take some time to refresh your soul, and know that when you come back to your chosen hobby, your job, your life as you know it…you’ll not only be able to pick up where you left off, but you’ll bring something remarkably important back to it when you do – perspective.  For as long as I’ve known Galliano Sommavilla this dude seems to have both taken life too seriously, and yet known there’s a lot more to it than the anxiety-ridden valley of malls we’ve created.  That there’s something magical waiting for us to find, that lies just outside the illusion we see each and every day, the place that we might reach if we could just see it clearer or have more time to get there.  He’s not wrong.  Not about that special utopian place anyhow – just about where he’s supposed to find it.  The inspiration he’s looking for comes from within, and the more that he taps into that, the more the external place surrounding him will mirror that physically.  When he creates the calm he’s seeking out, rather than searching for it, he’ll realize that the answers he’s been trying to find have been inside him all along.  That the world is only as crazy as we make it, and that if we don’t choose to participate in the BS, the utopia we’re seeking is everywhere that we look.  I pay attention to music, art, and the people that make it…and beyond that, I couldn’t tell you anything about anything.  I don’t know what the rules are for this or that, I don’t care what is or isn’t legal, I’m not concerned by global politics or the things I cannot change.  I look to music to guide me through this world each & every day as the government I’ve chosen to elect and it has never once let me down.  People like Galliano Sommavilla, that quite often assume they’re only ordinary, or that they haven’t done anything to change someone’s life for the better need only to look closer at a life like mine that has been endlessly inspired by superheroes like him.  I wouldn’t exist were it not for the music he’s made, or that so many of you have been kind enough to send my way through the years – I’m grateful…and humbled.

And when I’m lost, I know that I can find a song that’ll make the difference…I can find an artist, a sound, a moment that’ll snap my soul back into place in a way that’ll allow me to continue on the path I follow.  I can find my reason to exist, through music.  I can put on a song like “When I Wake Up” by Sommavilla, whom I know was already taxed to his core and struggling, yet found a way to make such exquisitely moving art…and find that reason to keep going, because he clearly did.  Whether it was forced, or he’d simply felt the sting of a year that had gone by without playing his piano and made a conscious decision to change that, I don’t know…but he’s here, he’s back, and it’s because of that, that so am I.  I listen to the breathtakingly beautiful way this man plays his piano, and I know he’s meant to be doing what he’s doing…not only for himself, but for the people just like me around the world looking for that light in the dark.  It’s artists like Galliano that have the power to illuminate the path to a better world for us all, each & every time they play…because we can feel songs like “When I Wake Up” like they’re part of our DNA.  It is not the first time I’ve been awestruck by listening to Sommavilla’s music, and I know it won’t be the last either.  It made me smile to hear him find his connection to music right there where he left it.  I think that for a while before he slipped into isolation, he’d definitely succumbed to going through the motions a little bit…and it seemed like even he knew that he’d lost a step on his own path.  Whether he was overthinking things, or not thinking about’em enough…only he knows what really went on…and all I know is the sound of an artist when they’ve truly returned.  “When I Wake Up” sounds like the friend you’ve been missing for so long and just reconnected with, seemingly out of nowhere, right when you needed it the most.  “When I Wake Up” sounds comforting, inspired, and undeniably gorgeous.  I’m not even remotely kidding when I say it’s quite possibly the best song that I’ve ever heard from the guy, and if you scour these pages of ours at this site right here, you’ll find I’ve heard more than a few of his tunes.  “When I Wake Up” sounds like Sommavilla is back…his eyes are open, his mind is clear, and he’s ready for whatever might come next…it sounds like he’s genuinely rediscovered his passions, and fallen back in love with his purpose.

So “why do we fall, Bruce?

Perspective.  To understand what our destiny is, and find the determination required to reach it.

The comeback is always greater than the setback, I assure you.

This song proves it.

Bonus shout-outs to Nick Huggins, who did a tremendous job with his engineering and adding in the spectacularly complementary slide guitar you hear in “When I Wake Up” – this single is true perfection.

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