SBS Best New Sound 2017 Nominations – Smoking Martha

SBS Best New Sound 2017 Official Nominations Day One:  Smoking Martha Coming out swinging with massive sounds this year on their album In Deep, Aussie-based band Smoking Martha proved they’re every bit worthy of your time and could slay the mainstream on their own if they had to.  With an explosive record that spawned multiple […]Read More

SBS Best New Sound 2017 – Nominations Start Today!

As always, I’m incredibly stoked to share this year’s entire list of amazing artists/bands that made the top-ten list and EXCITED to see who ends up being our reader-voted BEST NEW SOUND of 2017!  Lists like these are painstaking to make!  I agonize over this stuff, I truly do…but it’s all in good fun & […]Read More

The Official Best New Sound Of 2016!

MASSIVE congratulations to The Quality Of Mercury for becoming our official BEST NEW SOUND of 2016! The final days of our search led to an enormous amount of votes coming through, and it was great to see even those that were trailing still gained ground right up until the moment it was all over.  I’d […]Read More

SBS Quest For Best New Sound 2016: 3/4 Results!

Another fantastic quarter has gone by, leaving but one and only one quarter left for you to cast your vote and support your favorite nomination for this year’s Best New Sound to be immortalized on our site forever on our Wall Of Fame being installed first thing in the new year! 3/4 into the voting […]Read More

SBS Quest For Best New Sound 2016: Halfway There!

You people ROCK!  Amazing job on the vote so far this year – full of surprises, twists & turns and proof that your fans can make all the difference in this poll at any given moment.  For instance…48 hours ago, we had a much closer race…things were tightening-up throughout the top-four from last week, until […]Read More

SBS Quest For Best New Sound 2016: First Quarter Update!

Results are coming back – you’ve already been getting your vote-on and are supporting your favorites; only seems fair that we’ll do our best to keep you updated on how it’s all shaping up!  Of course…it’s still early and anything can happen at any time…troops can be rallied…fans can be mobilized to vote…altogether too early […]Read More

The Polls Are OPEN!

Support your favorite independent band from our list of 10 official nominations this year and help us crown our BEST NEW SOUND of 2016! This year’s list includes the brilliant music, talent and efforts of (and listed here in no particular order!): Joseph Tonelli Sun.Set.Ships. Jack Of None The Quality Of Mercury aMBe The Hsu-Nami […]Read More

Best New Sound Nomination 2016: Convey

One of the most dedicated & focused records of the year bar-none – Convey released their EP Speed Dial, a set of seven songs that absolutely blew the mind, led by an advance single of the same name.  Even a killer video to support the release of “Speed Dial” as a song – and quite […]Read More

SBS Best New Sound 2016 Nomination: Joseph Tonelli

Sometimes you stumble across an artist and in their music you can hear the sound of true authenticity…you know, those real songwriter-types out there that have been the poets of generations of history…’the real deal,’ as they say…  One such artist in my humble opinion, is without a doubt, Joseph Tonelli, whose album Dust And […]Read More

SBS Best New Sound Nomination: 1FM

If you were one of the fine people that checked into last night’s episode of the SBS Podcast – today’s nomination is no surprise to you!  Within an entire list of bands/artists that made the year extraordinarily tough to select a final top-10…I decided to also sneak in today’s nomination into the lineup.  Alright alright…wasn’t […]Read More

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