Soul Recruiter – “Countdown City”

 Soul Recruiter – “Countdown City”

Soul Recruiter – “Countdown City” – Single Review

San Antonio!  The 210!  “Countdown City” gettin’ fully represented & receiving the love from Soul Recruiter – you’re smooth-cruisin’ to a specific destination with quality sound ridin’ right with you the whole journey on this new single.  For those that were just introduced to Soul Recruiter Music in the recent review on the Gospel Bass Vol. 1 Ridin Music record – buckle up and let this talented project take you into a different avenue and direction it has to offer on “Countdown City.”  Still stocked FULL of that good-good low-end signature bass kickin’ – this time around the spoken-word is exchanged for soulful, graceful, and bold vocals that confidently soar through the mix and invite you in to listen.

Don’t get me wrong now, I really enjoyed my time listening to the last record from Soul Recruiter and said as much in the review – it was an ambitious album and really committed to its ideas.  What I like about this new single “Countdown City” a lot is that, even though I loved what I’ve heard in the past and this song changes the overall direction quite a bit, I didn’t feel like I ended up missing the last experience so much as I felt like this new one added further dimension & depth to the Soul Recruiter catalog.  Like another chapter of the story here…and I think to a large degree, it could potentially be argued that “Countdown City” could open up an entirely new audience for Soul Recruiter – this is highly accessible.  You don’t have to live in the 210 to enjoy this cut – it’s perfectly produced & stunning sound is completely designed to cruise to no matter where you’re livin.’

What I think is ultimately important about a move like this is that it can potentially open more doors for people to experience what Soul Recruiter is all about.  Gospel Bass Vol. 1 Ridin Music focused heavily on the religious aspect, and instead of putting out a new single that was similar, the gears shift to something more universally accessible while still retaining the essence of what makes Soul Recruiter great to listen to.  In my opinion, having an enticing track like this out there that can draw people in is completely a benefit to the entire body of an artist/band’s work…people will listen to “Countdown City,” enjoy it I’m absolutely sure, and then BAM – you’ve established the gateway into the previous record.  By sheer proxy of the tight sound & quality of “Countdown City,” the other tunes from Soul Recruiter will get even more of a chance, regardless of whether or not the listener is of devout faith or not.  Essentially, there will no longer be any preconceived notions or judgments after listening to this single; if you were to listen to this cut as a first experience, you’d likely launch yourself willing right into the next Soul Recruiter album or song that you could, no matter what it was.  That’s the power of a universal sound and the multiple access points it can create for your music – the best part being, it almost always leads to more opportunities for the music to get out there and be heard, not just the new stuff, ALL of it.

I will say this…I expected quality and that’s exactly what I got.  I suspect Soul Recruiter is pretty much synonymous with quality after everything I’ve heard & experienced so far.  I liked the switch to the singing vocal-hooks & felt like it was rhythmic, hypnotic, & highly effective…I’d definitely cruise to this & bet you would too.  Considering that’s the intention behind the design of this cut, I’d give this a green light for sure.  The instincts and ear for sound that guide Soul Recruiter prove to be impeccable once again & there’s not a thing I could possibly recommend to make “Countdown City” any better than it already is.  The vibe is brilliantly chill, the movement is slick, & the whole cut flows like water, sonically impressive at every turn – another solid checkmark in the win column for the high definition, low-end infused, stylistic audio-entertainment of Soul Recruiter.

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