Soul Recruiter – “Streetz Of AK” Featuring Warren Young

 Soul Recruiter – “Streetz Of AK” Featuring Warren Young

Soul Recruiter – “Streetz Of AK” Featuring Warren Young – Single Review

Don’t get me wrong, this is a pretty savage tale, but a great story is a great story, know what I mean?

Plus, ultimately, this all has a happy ending.

The new single “Streetz Of AK” from Soul Recruiter, who has been featured at our pages several times and praised as a genuine leader in the field of faith-based music out there, will dive much deeper into the dark & the past on this latest cut than we’ve experienced so far.  One of my favorite things about this project all-around from day one in listening to the album Gospel Bass Vol. 1 Ridin Music in 2018, was that Soul Recruiter has been committed to really telling it like it is, no filter, straight truth y’all.  I’m not suggesting other faith-based artists/bands out there don’t do that, but what I am saying is that 99% of them would be unwilling to expose the darker-side of their own path or the mistakes they’ve made along the way.  Soul Recruiter is refreshing in that regard, always has been and I assume always will be – that’s certainly the case here on “Streetz Of AK,” which is essentially an auto-biographical cut that’ll go right into the past to examine it objectively…and in its own way, hopefully by example, serve as a deterrent for others out there not to go down the same dark alleys Soul Recruiter has been down.

In the details & notes I’ve got here, you’ll find the full-story of what to expect on the brand-new single.  They read:  “The track is about my early teen years in Anchorage Alaska, in a small neighborhood named MT. View.  I got introduced to selling crack cocaine around 14 years old.  My brother was a drug addict and my mom was a single parent who worked night shifts which enable me to be out in the streets with no supervision.  I was a juvenile delinquent involved with drugs, guns and motor cycle and car theft.  The song is basically about a bunch of old memories from that time of my life.”  Soul Recruiter puts it better there than I could, that’s what’s up, that’s what’s real right there – and believe me, you’ll hear all this in the song…dude’s done a killer job of laying out the lyrical details and flow of his tale with excellent imagery in the words.  And just like a great story should be, this all unfolds piece by piece, stringing us along from verse to verse to find out exactly how this tale works out.

If you’ve been following along with these pages, you kind of already know what the conclusion to the Soul Recruiter story is, just by proxy of knowing how many songs been made already and the full rebound that’s been made into a life of positivity & music.  Further confirmation also came at the end of Soul Recruiter’s notes on this new single, where he went on to say:  “I am now far away from this life style” at the very end, which we all know to be the case.  The man’s now making music, unafraid to tell the story of where he came from, all in an effort to relate, humanize, and comfort…because a few of you out there, likely have a really similar tale of your own…and maybe you’re looking for a way out…maybe you just need to know that it’s possible and find a positive example of someone that’s found their way.  That’s where Soul Recruiter comes in for sure…by being so willing to share his own story, the people listening will be more willing to share their own as a result…and ultimately, the healing can begin.  Change can occur, progress can be made, and there can be a better tomorrow – Soul Recruiter is 100% proof of all this…he’s come out on the other side of the intense situations you’ll find in the details of the story that runs throughout the “Streetz Of AK” and now able to make a difference by inspiring people to discover the courage to do the same.  To take back your own life and make it what you want it to be – that no matter what the circumstances may be, even if they’re as grim & empty as the scenarios that Soul Recruiter describes on the bars of “Streetz Of AK” – where once was dark, there can always be light.

Warren Young makes an impact, delivering the rhymes, details, & words right on the mark with all the emphasis, energy, and emotion to drive the lyrics home.  The sample at the beginning speaks a lot to what I’ve mentioned and the mission that Soul Recruiter is on…loved that too & thought it was a great way to start the new single.  As expected, the mix is right on the money and the low-end bass is still a signature part of the sound…hooks are strong, backing vocals add a ton of strength to the song’s melody & mysterious vibe.  I’ve certainly got no complaints here…I honestly think this is massively entertaining when it comes right down to it, “Streetz Of AK” is a really well written story that’s continually engaging from the way it’s told to the way it sounds…you’re hanging onto every word of this tale just to find out where the turning point is and how Soul Recruiter finds the path out of the darkness.

Strong single from Soul Recruiter…credit to all hands on deck here, “Streetz Of AK” sounds refreshingly direct & real, gripping & honest.  The hooks, music, and performances all land solidly – “Streetz Of AK” is just as entertaining as it is informative & interesting.  As I’ve said before, Soul Recruiter is the kind of champion the faith-based genre really needs – this is the kind of highly-crossover sound that’ll appeal to a ton of people out there inside & out of religion – and you just never know who you might save through a song like this that’s unafraid to tell it like it really is & provide the blueprint for a better tomorrow.

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