SBS Podcast 107

To help serve as your reminder to get out there and support the independent music-scene today online for Bandcamp Friday, we’ve got a full lineup of audio awesomeness & thirteen tracks that’ll give you a great head start on helping you know where to spend your hard earned dough – it’s Proof Of Purchase Volume […]Read More


SMAIBLUE Interview SBS:  Smai!  I’ve always looked forward to this day my friend.  You’ve made some extremely special tunes throughout the past couple years that have seriously stuck with me over time, and I can’t thank-you enough for that.  I’m familiar with what you create as SMAIBLUE – but for those out there that aren’t […]Read More

SMAIBLUE – Lunar Dreams

SMAIBLUE – Lunar Dreams – Album Review …and still to this day, ever since I heard it, usually at some point between awake & dreaming, I can still hear the fragile & beautiful sound of the final song on SMAIBLUE’s last record whispering in my head…and more specifically, it’s the title of the record that’s […]Read More

SMAIBLUE – That’s Enough Love Songs – See You Soon

SMAIBLUE – That’s Enough Love Songs – See You Soon – Album Review I’ve been a big fan of this project ever since I started listening to the subtle sounds of SMAIBLUE earlier this year, back in the summer when I reviewed a handful of singles.  Back already with a whole new set of songs […]Read More

SMAIBLUE – Singles

SMAIBLUE – Avenue Of A Dying Place – Album Sampler/Singles Review Little is known about this mysterious & melodic project based out of the UK…I’ve checked out the internet hot-spots for information, and it seems like SMAIBLUE for the most part, is doin’ just fine with the music speaking for itself when it comes to […]Read More

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