SMAIBLUE Interview SBS:  SMAI!  What’s happening over there my friend?  It’s been what feels like a lifetime since we last talked, which was approximately one large pandemic-era ago.  How have you been dude?  What’s the recovery been like in the UK as we’ve come out of our Covid-induced hibernations…back to normal yet? SMAI:  Hey!  I […]Read More

SBS Podcast 127

We went hard at Bandcamp Friday back in April this year – and it’s finally time to release the harvest in this latest set of our sub-series, the Proof Of Purchase specials – this one being lucky number thirteen!  We’ll be spinning all kinds of incredible music that’s new to the show this week once […]Read More


SMAIBLUE – Volume – Album Review You can be an acquired taste and a comforting sound at the same time – SMAIBLUE has been continual proof of that as I’ve listened throughout the past couple years or so.  While I’ll attempt here in words once again to describe the experience of listening to one of […]Read More

SBS Podcast 107

To help serve as your reminder to get out there and support the independent music-scene today online for Bandcamp Friday, we’ve got a full lineup of audio awesomeness & thirteen tracks that’ll give you a great head start on helping you know where to spend your hard earned dough – it’s Proof Of Purchase Volume […]Read More


SMAIBLUE Interview SBS:  Smai!  I’ve always looked forward to this day my friend.  You’ve made some extremely special tunes throughout the past couple years that have seriously stuck with me over time, and I can’t thank-you enough for that.  I’m familiar with what you create as SMAIBLUE – but for those out there that aren’t […]Read More

SMAIBLUE – Lunar Dreams

SMAIBLUE – Lunar Dreams – Album Review …and still to this day, ever since I heard it, usually at some point between awake & dreaming, I can still hear the fragile & beautiful sound of the final song on SMAIBLUE’s last record whispering in my head…and more specifically, it’s the title of the record that’s […]Read More

SMAIBLUE – That’s Enough Love Songs – See You Soon

SMAIBLUE – That’s Enough Love Songs – See You Soon – Album Review I’ve been a big fan of this project ever since I started listening to the subtle sounds of SMAIBLUE earlier this year, back in the summer when I reviewed a handful of singles.  Back already with a whole new set of songs […]Read More

SMAIBLUE – Singles

SMAIBLUE – Avenue Of A Dying Place – Album Sampler/Singles Review Little is known about this mysterious & melodic project based out of the UK…I’ve checked out the internet hot-spots for information, and it seems like SMAIBLUE for the most part, is doin’ just fine with the music speaking for itself when it comes to […]Read More