SBS Podcast 095

Come get some! We’ve got a special show for ya today on the ol’ SBS Podcast!  Artist Damien Q takes on the audio interview for our Covid Relief Project, we’ve got an exclusive live tune from the man to go with his all-inclusive attitude, tunes from Acharya, Little Ghost, Salmon Friends, Annie DiRusso, Matthew Morgan, […]Read More

Little Ghost – “Mother Warned You”

Sometime back in March earlier this year, I latched onto the delicate & beautiful sound of Little Ghost after reviewing the Beneath The Surface EP – and I haven’t let go for a moment since.  As far as my ears are concerned, the music of Dustin Sendejas is easily one of the best things I’ve […]Read More

Little Ghost – Beneath The Surface

Little Ghost – Beneath The Surface – EP Review And there it was…the world’s scariest word/location in music right now…Nashville. For reasons I’ve outlined about a hundred million times at this page.  No need to go into all that this time around.  Thankfully. Whereas the issue is usually trying to get to the heart of […]Read More

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