Psykobilly – “Thrill U Kill U”

Psykobilly – “Thrill U Kill U” – Single Review You just never really know what you’re gonna get the next time ya click on a track by Psykobilly, the versatility & creativity in this band has led it into all kinds of different styles & sounds we’ve heard in the past from singles like “The […]Read More

Psykobilly – “The Invisible Man”

Psykobilly – “The Invisible Man” – Single Review Stoked to have good ol’ Psykobilly back on our site & in our speakers once again this year – let’s do this! All the way from Gloucester, UK, to our Canadian pages based out of the nation’s capital in Ottawa…y’all know me…I love hearing what’s happening in […]Read More

Psykobilly – Black Candle

Psykobilly – Black Candle – Album Review I think there’s going to be a ton of you out there that love this record; consider yourselves warned. “Light The Black Candle” and turn this album up will ya?  The haunting & eerie atmosphere of this intro-style tune is interesting right off the drop when you hear […]Read More

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