Psykobilly – “Love Is A Slow Bullet”

Psykobilly – “Love Is A Slow Bullet” – Single Review Oh happy hap…this world needs another song about killin.’ Personally, I love the spin on the Serenity Prayer at the beginning of the new Psykobilly single – that definitely caught my attention straight away – “Dear Lord…grant me the serenity to accept the things I […]Read More

SBS Podcast 127

We went hard at Bandcamp Friday back in April this year – and it’s finally time to release the harvest in this latest set of our sub-series, the Proof Of Purchase specials – this one being lucky number thirteen!  We’ll be spinning all kinds of incredible music that’s new to the show this week once […]Read More

Psykobilly – Patron Saint Of Nothing

Psykobilly – Patron Saint Of Nothing – Album Review Hey…it’s not like I haven’t been tellin’ ya that you can predict what to expect with Psykobilly’s music.  In fact, if you read the series of reviews I’ve written about this band in the past from their album Black Candle on-forward, you’ll actually see evidence of […]Read More

Psykobilly – “Thrill U Kill U”

Psykobilly – “Thrill U Kill U” – Single Review You just never really know what you’re gonna get the next time ya click on a track by Psykobilly, the versatility & creativity in this band has led it into all kinds of different styles & sounds we’ve heard in the past from singles like “The […]Read More

Psykobilly – “The Invisible Man”

Psykobilly – “The Invisible Man” – Single Review Stoked to have good ol’ Psykobilly back on our site & in our speakers once again this year – let’s do this! All the way from Gloucester, UK, to our Canadian pages based out of the nation’s capital in Ottawa…y’all know me…I love hearing what’s happening in […]Read More

Psykobilly – Black Candle

Psykobilly – Black Candle – Album Review I think there’s going to be a ton of you out there that love this record; consider yourselves warned. “Light The Black Candle” and turn this album up will ya?  The haunting & eerie atmosphere of this intro-style tune is interesting right off the drop when you hear […]Read More