OurGlassZoo – “Astronaut”

Going cinematic for the video supporting their single “Astronaut” has proven to be a killer move for Vancouver-based Alt-Electro/Pop-Rock band OurGlassZoo – not only are they racking up the hit-count on the vid alone with tens-upon-tens of thousands of views, but they’re racking up the hardware in their cabinets for their efforts as well.  Scoring […]Read More

Josias Tschanz of OurGlassZoo

SBS Covid Relief Interview with Josias Tschanz of OurGlassZoo SBS:  Let’s make sure we’ve got everyone on the same page – who are ya?  How long have you been doin’ this music thang and what’s the story behind it all?  What separates you apart from the rest? Josias:  My name is Josias Tschanz and I […]Read More

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