Todd Underwood – Flying Blue

Todd Underwood – Flying Blue – Album Review Always great to have this man in the mix & hear what he’s been up to lately. Todd’s what you’d consider to be one of the more reliable and consistent artists out there in the scene.  While it’s probably fair to say he’s got a signature sound […]Read More

Todd Underwood – Extraordinary

Todd Underwood – Extraordinary – Album Review What a difference a whole year can make eh? Though I’ve been listening to this dude make music for more than three years now, with a record released in each of’em along the way – there was no doubt that listening to Todd’s last album Upside Down, that […]Read More

SBS Podcast 140

We told ya there’d be all kinds of fun in-store for ya on this show right up to the end of 2021 – and here we are to cap it off with a true man of music to put the finale of the year into the SBS Podcast!  None other than artist Todd Underwood takes […]Read More

SBS Podcast 127

We went hard at Bandcamp Friday back in April this year – and it’s finally time to release the harvest in this latest set of our sub-series, the Proof Of Purchase specials – this one being lucky number thirteen!  We’ll be spinning all kinds of incredible music that’s new to the show this week once […]Read More

SBS Podcast 126

Long awaited & highly anticipated – Proof Of Purchase Vol. 12 is out now!  We’ll be playing cuts from records we picked up from the March sale on Bandcamp Friday to support the independent music-scene earlier this year, including tunes from Thelonesomekid, elitefitrea, Proud And Nasty with ArMani Jones, Todd Underwood, BROCK, MPG, d i […]Read More

Todd Underwood – Upside Down

Todd Underwood – Upside Down – Album Review Starting out his brand-new record with the longest cut you’ll find on it, Todd Underwood instantly starts to reveal the depth & definition you’ll find in the tone & technique in his production & performance – and the intricate ability he has when it comes to creating […]Read More

Todd Underwood – Reflectings Acustico

Todd Underwood – Reflectings Acustico – Album Review It’s been a highly creative year for artist Todd Underwood – he sent 2019 a message that he was here to stay and had his head fully in the game with the release of two official albums this year.  Dude did an incredible job with his album […]Read More

Todd Underwood – Color And Contrast

Todd Underwood – Color And Contrast – Album Review Todd is a true man of music…it’d be impossible for anyone to miss that.  Whether it’s through the sheer amount of songs, performances, and recordings he’s pumped out over the span of his thirty-five year career, or through a picture like he’s got up on his […]Read More