Melissa Quinn Fox – “Dear Self Doubt,”

 Melissa Quinn Fox – “Dear Self Doubt,”

Melissa Quinn Fox – “Dear Self Doubt,” – Single Review

Well now…this fine lady is havin’ quite the year with her music as far as my ears can tell.

For the record, I’ve always heard the talent in Melissa Quinn Fox.  We might be on polar opposite ends of the whole genre-spectrum when it comes right down to it, but I’ve always been able to appreciate the talent she’s got.  From the moment I heard “Give It A Try” back in February of last year, to the giant leap forward she took a year & change later with the release of “Cross That Line” earlier in 2022 – it’s been crystal clear that she’s been heading in the right direction for as long as I’ve been listening.  But this?

What, is THIS?

THIS…is probably the ANTHEM for millions of people across the world…the song so many have been searching for, yet have never found – until now.  “Dear Self Doubt,” is a MASSIVE HIT in the making, and I’d expect that, if we’re living in any kind of just society, this single will spread around the world like wildfire.  For a Country-based tune…which it ultimately still IS…y’all would be straight-up SHOCKED to know I’ve been playing this LOUD & PROUD and on repeat for the past several days without relenting.  And yes – I plan to continue doing that, tyvm.

THIS…is empowerment in audible form…this is strength you can use to fuel your soul and inspire you to reach for your very best.  Listening to Melissa attack every solitary second of this song from the intense rhythm & groove, to the extra venom & attitude she brings to her lyrics and vocals as she vanquishes her self-doubt once and for all by bringing it straight behind the freakin’ WOODSHED like she’s taking out the trash it IS…I mean…good lord…Quinn Fox is powerfully inspiring from start to finish on this single.  I’m truly blown away…the writing is brilliantly insightful, relatable, and IMPORTANT for so many to hear.  We’re held back by the hesitation of self-doubt so often in life…and there’s nothing better than finding your freedom from its icy grip, permanently.  When you do, it sounds RED HOT like this here single does.

The hooks are EVERYWHERE.  I mean that, truly.  The verses are killer, the chorus is as well – the lead vocals are sensational, and the backing vocals she’s added in here were perfection.  More crucially than anything else, the CONVICTION in her voice becomes the HOOK OF ALL HOOKS as you listen.  Because what THIS ISN’T, is just another Country song with words that are hollow…not that she’s ever created one of those to begin with, but you get what I mean – THIS IS as substantial & genuinely meaningful as it is entertaining.  I know this much y’all…I ain’t gonna be the only person out there yelling and screaming about how damn good this song is…and I definitely won’t be the only person out there turning THIS UP.

THIS…is a significant breakthrough…personally, professionally…you name it, and this song IS it.  THIS is Melissa x10, like I’ve never heard her before – and to be entirely truthful, I always expect her music to be excellent…it’s just who she is and what she does…I don’t think she’s ever let anyone down in that department, ever.  So to hear her come out guns blazing, FIRED UP, and so ready to take herself on to battle the last parts of her psyche that could be holding her back any longer…it is truly something to behold y’all.  She’s ready to throw down on self-doubt, and as a result, she’s going to go straight on UP.

THIS…is what it sounds like to exceed all expectations, and to do YOURSELF proud.  Melissa’s reaching that next-level she’s worked so very hard for…that she authentically deserves to reach with all the effort that she’s clearly putting in.  No person on earth is holding her back any longer – not even herself.  “Dear Self Doubt,” is brilliantly written, stunningly performed, and completely award-worthy if you ask me.  It’s another incredible step in the right direction for Melissa’s and her career as an artist without question.

THIS…is destined to reach #1.

Keep kicking all the ass on LIFE Melissa Quinn Fox – it’s inspiring to hear.

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