Melissa Quinn Fox – “Cross That Line”

 Melissa Quinn Fox – “Cross That Line”

Melissa Quinn Fox – “Cross That Line” – Single Review

Yikes.  No pressure here.  Melissa’s only been having an amazing time out there lately in her travels for her birthday and whatnot…so I guess I better like this song eh?  And it’s Country?  Do I really have to?

Y’all know that if I was gonna listen to Country music by choice I’d probably just listen to my sister Ajaye Jardine doin’ whatever it she’s doin’ right?  Spoiler alert…I don’t do that either.  But alrighty folks, we’ll saddle up and ride with Melissa, one more time, given that she’s proven to be well worth listening to in the past from what I remember about her single “Give It A Try” from back about a year ago.  Oh – and happy birthday Mel!

I am nothing but fair and always have been, regardless of whether or not it’s my genre of choice or something I’d normally choose to listen to…good music is exactly that, no matter what kind it is.  Melissa’s got a great sound, a great vibe, and from what I can tell, she’s always been great at what she does when it comes to her music-makin’ career.  “Cross That Line” is no exception to the rule & standard she’s set…and if you were a fan of hers before, I can promise ya that’s not about to change with this cut.

It is very Country…no disputing that.  Sure it’s got the whole Pop-overtones thing goin’ on that generally comes along with most of the tunes in the genre from the modern-day era we’re livin’ in, but that only adds to the chances of it succeeding in ears like mine and lends itself to being a more accessible hybrid – these are good things.  Once again, I don’t hate it, not even close really…”boy you ain’t even my type” – I mean…fair enough…so the feeling might not be mutual…but, I do think Melissa’s genuinely gifted with what she can do as a singer/songwriter and has a sound that’ll generally be able to get people to pop on over the Country fence for a minute or two to “Cross That Line” and have a listen to what she’s creating.

Her vocals are as outstanding as I remember them to be, if not even more appealing & professional this time around somehow…if that’s even possible.  Quinn Fox gets it, ya know?  This isn’t the kind of artist that I need to sit here & try to figure out some kind of advice on how she can go about improving on the music she’s making – you’ll have a listen to “Cross That Line” for yourself & you’ll know what I’m saying – “I know you feel it too,” as she’ll tell ya herself, and that’s as true as true can be, even if I’m lifting this quote straight outta context.  It still applies in my opinion…because yes, you do feel the emotions that come along with a song like this, and that is essentially 100% due to the way that Melissa Quinn Fox sings.  Sure it helps that the musicianship & instrumentation sparkles & shines…sure it helps that the hooks are as sharp as they are sweet – all of this stuff is fantastic, but the star of the show is really what we’re all showing up for, and that remains above all things, the main draw of what keeps us all cheering.

You make me wanna cross that line” when it comes to Country music Melissa, if only for this moment.  Quite honestly, I think it’d be impossible to find a fault here, and I’m not inclined to just start digging for things that aren’t there – she’s got a truly single-worthy tune on her hands once again, and those folks out there that have been waitin’ for a new Fox song to turn up in 2022 are bound to be real happy about what they find here.  Thematically…heck yeah…she’s got a very relatable song that explores the power of love, what we’re willing to do for it, what we’ll sacrifice for it, what it makes us feel in the heat of the moment, and points out the lines we’re fully willing to cross for that special feeling we all crave so much in life.  It’s catchy from verse to chorus, it’s grounded & realistic through her lyricism, and all-in-all, it’s a song that embraces the feeling of the unknown, the possibility & potential in the next exciting chapter of life…and that wonderful moment in time where push comes to shove in the right way…where you’re forced to take that leap of faith with someone special, to find out what is really there, and discover that it’s everything you always wanted & everything you always dreamed that love could be.  Beautiful stuff.

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