SBS Podcast 160

What up!  Time to play some great new tunes and pull some of our favorites outta the archives.  Join Jer @ SBS as he plays some songs and talks about what’s happening out there this year, in addition to discussing many of the artists & bands throughout the episode. As always, a sonic TON of […]Read More

Melissa Quinn Fox – “Dear Self Doubt,”

Melissa Quinn Fox – “Dear Self Doubt,” – Single Review Well now…this fine lady is havin’ quite the year with her music as far as my ears can tell. For the record, I’ve always heard the talent in Melissa Quinn Fox.  We might be on polar opposite ends of the whole genre-spectrum when it comes […]Read More

Melissa Quinn Fox – “Cross That Line”

Melissa Quinn Fox – “Cross That Line” – Single Review Yikes.  No pressure here.  Melissa’s only been having an amazing time out there lately in her travels for her birthday and whatnot…so I guess I better like this song eh?  And it’s Country?  Do I really have to? Y’all know that if I was gonna […]Read More

Melissa Quinn Fox – “Give It A Try”

Melissa Quinn Fox – “Give It A Try” – Single Review ‘tis bulletproof, m’lady. There ain’t a solitary second of Melissa Quinn Fox’s new song I’d even dare to suggest changing – she’s got the very definition of a single-worthy tune in the modern-day Country/Pop realm with “Give It A Try” and an absolutely fabulous […]Read More