K-ORA & Drauglur – “Forgotten Machine Voices” / “Into Your

K-ORA & Drauglur – “Forgotten Machine Voices” / “Into Your Mind I Go…” – Singles Review K-ORA…you creepy, straight-up. Perception of course, is reality…I’m not necessarily asking you to share mine specifically, but there’s a damn good chance you’re gonna feel the same way about this artist.  If you’ve been listening to the same records […]Read More

K-ORA – Coaxial Constructs

K-ORA – Coaxial Constructs – EP Review Perhaps there are some of you out there that remember this bizarre oddity from our music-scene – it was only back at the end of April this year that we first ran into K-ORA and reviewed the single “Sphere 2020” here on our pages…that ain’t too long ago, […]Read More

K-ORA – “Do You Remember” / “Sphere 2020”

K-ORA – “Do You Remember” / “Sphere 2020” – Singles Review This dude seems like my kind of people. I’ve been touring through this EP called Sphere 2020 by K-ORA…unique stuff without question.  In his own words, it’s “not everyone’s cup of tea but oh well lol.  I don’t care for the mainstream, I just […]Read More