SBS Podcast 159

Heck ya! One last time to turn up some tunes from the almighty independent scene in January, so let’s fire it up!  We’re opening up the vault, all the way back to March 2022, to reveal songs from a whole bunch of albums, EPs, and singles we purloined on a Bandcamp Friday from nearly two […]Read More


K-ORA – ISON-ISAE – EP Review While you’ll often find times I attempt to at least pretend that I know everything under the sun about what’s happening out there in the scene, I think we all know that’s objectively impossible for any of us now, given how much music is out there around the world, […]Read More

K-ORA – “Broken Stars” Feat. Janet Craft

K-ORA – “Broken Stars” Feat. Janet Craft – Music Video Post If you’ve been following along with the audible saga of K-ORA, I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise that the newest addition to its bizarre lo-fi legacy is every bit as strange, weird, and wonderful as you assumed it would be.  Adding to the […]Read More

K-ORA & Drauglur – “Forgotten Machine Voices” / “Into Your

K-ORA & Drauglur – “Forgotten Machine Voices” / “Into Your Mind I Go…” – Singles Review K-ORA…you creepy, straight-up. Perception of course, is reality…I’m not necessarily asking you to share mine specifically, but there’s a damn good chance you’re gonna feel the same way about this artist.  If you’ve been listening to the same records […]Read More

K-ORA – Coaxial Constructs

K-ORA – Coaxial Constructs – EP Review Perhaps there are some of you out there that remember this bizarre oddity from our music-scene – it was only back at the end of April this year that we first ran into K-ORA and reviewed the single “Sphere 2020” here on our pages…that ain’t too long ago, […]Read More

K-ORA – “Do You Remember” / “Sphere 2020”

K-ORA – “Do You Remember” / “Sphere 2020” – Singles Review This dude seems like my kind of people. I’ve been touring through this EP called Sphere 2020 by K-ORA…unique stuff without question.  In his own words, it’s “not everyone’s cup of tea but oh well lol.  I don’t care for the mainstream, I just […]Read More