Jordan Paul – “Emerald Glass”

 Jordan Paul – “Emerald Glass”

Jordan Paul – “Emerald Glass” – Single Review

No objections here y’all.

For the record, there’s a vast difference between being satisfied with something and indifference.  Sometimes when it comes to music, you can hear a tune that you enjoy, that you know you’d never turn off, and still not necessarily be running to your playlists for a repeat, so much as always welcome its return whenever it naturally comes around again.  Kind of like how I feel about The Carpenters for example…I’ve often said when push comes to shove I’d probably have to put that band up there with my favorite songwriters, yet I’ve never once gone and pushed play on any one of their records by choice.  Whenever they come through my speakers next, they’re always welcome…you feeling me?  Not every tune is going to send us charging over the gates to get to the stage…and that’s not why every song is written in the first place to begin with…sometimes a tune just comes out with an organically chill & natural sound that’s soothing, calm, relaxing, inviting, & warm like “Emerald Glass” does…and that’s every bit as valid.

Each spin I took through Jordan Paul’s new single was like a firm reminder that this guy has a solid grip on songwriting and an audible confirmation that he knows how to put all the right pieces in place, 100%.  In fact, I’d be full-on surprised if ANYONE out there had some sort of objection or complaint about “Emerald Glass” – there’s simply no fault to be found in its flawless design & execution; and personally, I like that it ‘expands the brand’ as they say…you can hear that this is Jordan Paul without question if you’re familiar with his sound.  If you’re not, then hey, this is a great example of what he sounds like.  The one and only argument that could be potentially made is that “Emerald Glass” is a bit on the safe side of his catalog…which arguably runs about a 50/50 split between highly melodic artistic endeavors and slick & smooth tunes with shiny & accessible Pop-inspired cores.  “Emerald Glass” is more towards the latter scenario outlined here…but just because something is easy to love doesn’t mean we shouldn’t.

In a master-class display of subtlety, where “Emerald Glass” is actually its most daring, is in the lyrics – though there’s a solid chance that with such a sweet glide through the melody at the heart of this tune and its sunny disposition, listeners might miss that element on those first couple spins if they’re not paying attention.  That’s no fault of Jordan’s, that’s the nature of human ears is all; but when you do take a closer listen, you’ll realize that “Emerald Glass” is likely one of the most personal tunes that you’ll find in Paul’s entire catalog.  He often writes from a very real place inside of himself, but rarely has he shared such incredible details…many of them heartbreaking, and many of them filled with hope as well.  I tend to take songwriters like Jordan Paul at their word when they write songs like this…perhaps it’s based on a character, but I’d doubt that in knowing him a little bit through his music…I’d reckon that a lot of what you’ll hear in the lyrics is based on his own real-life experience…which makes this song establish an even bigger impact on ya when you absorb all the details.  At the end of the day, while “Emerald Glass” sets the stage through an emotionally downward spiral over the course of the first two verses, you’ll find that Jordan discovers that second gear…that spark…that inspiration required to carry on towards a better tomorrow and make the most of the life he’s living.  “Emerald Glass” becomes truly beautiful.  In truth, it started that way too…even at its most heartbreaking moments, the honest sincerity in Paul’s voice and in his words reveals a constant & consistently poetic beauty to be admired at all times.  It’s a damn tough song to listen to if you’re really focused on the storyline in the sense that you should probably have a few tissues on hand…but the cheerful melody will keep you right on the edge of truly needing them.  Still good to have them, just in case…tears are certainly a possibility – and perhaps what I love best about “Emerald Glass” is that they could just as easily fall from joy as they could from pain.  Jordan’s got a great way with words…any of these lines could hit you right in the heartstrings and make your face erupt with an explosion of salt-water while you’re smiling at the exact same time.  Awesome.

BUT!  No one out there says you have to be a freak like me and get this far deep into any song – and that’s another part of what makes “Emerald Glass” work so well with its stellar structure & design; you could simply listen to this track float along with its pleasant & inviting melody on the surface without digging at all – and you’d likely be completely happy & satisfied with what you’ll hear.  Or you COULD dig deeper like I did…risk a little devastation, vulnerability, and tears in the process…in which case I can promise you’ll get even more out of the beauty to be found on Jordan Paul’s latest single in 2020.

Obviously you know which side of that fence I’m on…I’m always going to advocate you dive right into the tunes you listen to…but when it comes right down to it, it’s artists like Jordan that make the diving worthwhile.  His hooks are strong, the vibe is endlessly welcoming, the performance is 100% intact throughout “Emerald Glass” – & even with all that good stuff goin’ on, it’s his craft that shines brightest; the man has a way with words, understands emotion & how to effectively translate what he feels to us as listeners, and he genuinely finds light in this world in places where others would only see the dark.  His nostalgic reflections, perspective, and memories are gorgeous…it’d be hard to come out complaining about a song like “Emerald Glass” – you’d have to have a heart of stone to resist its sorrow & sweetness.

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