Illy Octane – “Hennessey”

Illy Octane – “Hennessey” – Music Video Release/Review Technically I’ve been listening to some form of Illy Octane’s music since back in 2014.  I’m not gonna eat up this new review by going into all the various names he’s been rappin’ under over the years – but I do have to say, in watching both […]Read More

Illy Octane – “DopeSmoke” Feat. Steve Hood & Weez

Word on the street is that rapper Illy Octane has got a new project rollin’ out by the end of the year sometime in 2018 – and we’re checkin’ out a few of the lead-singles & videos here at the page over this week.  Starting with a collaboration with Steve Hood & Weez on a […]Read More

Illy Octane – “Mic Check”

Mic check! Ya heard?  Have a look/listen to the latest from rapper Illy Octane as he sets up shop in all kinds of wicked places throughout the underground in his latest video and lets the rhymes rip on the m-i-c.  The HUGE hooks on Illy’s new single “Mic Check” are guaranteed to work their magic […]Read More