Illy Octane – “Mic Check”

 Illy Octane – “Mic Check”

Mic check!

Ya heard?  Have a look/listen to the latest from rapper Illy Octane as he sets up shop in all kinds of wicked places throughout the underground in his latest video and lets the rhymes rip on the m-i-c.  The HUGE hooks on Illy’s new single “Mic Check” are guaranteed to work their magic on ya – and the confident delivery & scorching hot bars from this emcee reveal that hunger & determination of an artist ready for his moment in time at the top of the charts.  Surrounded by his crew, beautiful ladies, and intense scenery with killer edits & effects that create the impact a great video should have – “Mic Check” has Illy lookin’ & soundin’ at the top of his game.  Check out the new single/video for “Mic Check” by Illy Octane below!

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