IJK – “High Tide”

 IJK – “High Tide”

IJK – “High Tide” – Music Video Release/Review

Back in fine form, yessir – it’s been about two years since we last featured Lebanese artist IJK on our pages and it’s always awesome to hear a comeback that warrants our attention.  Through a vibrant combination of hooks and a solid mix of Pop/Funk/Rock creating a genuine party vibe, IJK might have been away from us for a while here at SBS, but it’s audibly clear the man’s songwriting is as sharp as ever and his music is still going strong.

Passion counts for so much when it comes to making music, and Imad Jack Karam’s relentlessly expressive vocals combined with the stellar enthusiasm radiating from the musicianship in the band surrounding him all lead to wild results and a single-worthy song.  A fantastic example of raising the stakes from verse to chorus – you’ll dig what you’re hearing from the beginning to the end of this tune for sure, but notice the extra bounce and inspired spark you’ll find in the main hooks of IJK’s new song “High Tide” – it’s definitely designed to do the electric-slide straight into your ears with no resistance.  Not only does it sound great from performance to production, but there’s no doubt about the fact that IJK creates a completely catchy and all-out fun atmosphere through the sweetened punch of the chorus.  Killer riffs from the guitars, warm glow from the keyboards, vocals that have excellent energy and smooth tone…lots for ears to dig on here.

Stylistically slick and sounding fully invested in every second of this single, “High Tide” deserved an eye-catching video to go with the song’s ultra-flashy sound.  And wouldn’t ya know, it got one!  The official lyric-video dropped online at the beginning of December and is already racking up thousands-upon-thousands of clicks and views – all for plenty of good reasons, given the amount of accessible sound that IJK has got sparkling from this melody, rhythm & groove.  The lyric-video goes along great with the feel of the music and how you can imagine a song like this would come out roaring in a live-setting; and you’ll see in the visuals behind the words that the imagery draws on that live-music theme.  Sleek design though, don’t you think?  In the music of course, yes, but I mean the video in this particular case – it’s not always easy to put together a string of words on screen and have the results come out entertaining – but when things look as truly cool as they do with the flawless editing & colorization of the visuals you find on “High Tide,” this is where a lyric-video can easily rival the entertainment value of live action.  It looks great, it sounds great, and there’s no doubt that IJK is feelin’ every moment of this stellar single – have a listen to what he’s all about and click play on the brand-new lyric-video for “High Tide” below!

Find out more from the IJK official homepage at:  http://www.imadjackkaram.com

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